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  1. You let us know what you’re looking for.
  2. We do the legwork for you, free of charge.


Why our matching service is so good

  • Choose studio or in-home lessons (where available).
  • Experienced teachers, with relevant qualifications.
  • Only pay for lessons, no extra agency fees at all.


Teaching levels and ages

Absolute Beginners to John Williams (advanced)
Ages 7 to 107



1 hour from $50
30 mins from $30
Prices depend on the teacher’s experience, qualifications
and whether they charge extra to travel.


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Parramatta classical guitar school: more info about our free matching service.

1. Why we’re the experts

Parramatta classical guitar school: why we’re the experts.

Here at Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, we handle tons of teacher matching. Our team chat to countless students and we also chat to countless tutors. Every single discussion is valuable to us, given that it helps us understand what students and teachers would like. That’s how we’ve arrived at our free matching service, that assists lots of students get the teacher they are looking to find.

Here’s the way it works: if, for instance, you’re looking to find classical guitar schools in Parramatta. You get in touch with us, tell us the sort of schools you’re after, and then we begin doing the boring legwork on your behalf, free of charge. We will carefully go through our considerable network of classical guitar tutors serving Parramatta until we see the teacher who ideally matches what you need. You tell us if you’d prefer studio or in-home lessons (when available), along with when you’d want the lessons to be, then leave it with our staff.

We’ll respond with the results of the search for classical guitar schools in Parramatta inside the stated time frame. And don’t forget, our tutor matching services are cost free, so all you cover are the lessons—no agency rates, commissions, absolutely nothing.

2. Why everyone loves us

Parramatta classical guitar school: why everyone loves us.

What can we say? We do business with lots of satisfied individuals. Since our teacher matching services are free of charge, most people are happy for our support even if we don’t happen to find the teacher they’re seeking out. And if we do, double the pleased. We find that people like hassle-free, convenient things, and that’s what our free classical guitar teacher matching services are about.

Here’s how it works: first of all, you contact us and tell us precisely what you’re seeking. As an illustration, classical guitar schools in Parramatta. Ensure that you inform us of when you’re available, and if you’d favour at-home tuition or are content to travel to a tutor’s studio. Then we get into action, scouring our extensive community of classical guitar teachers in Parramatta to find the teacher you’re hunting for.

Bear in mind, this service is completely free. All you cover would be the lessons. There are no inflated costs to conceal agency fees, commissions or anything at all like that. (It is not surprising people love our services.)

Having searched our community, we either identify the classical guitar tutor in Parramatta to suit your needs or we don’t. As always, if we don’t, that may change anytime given that our community of teachers is frequently expanding. Do not ever give up on your music ambitions!

3. Why enquiring with us gives you more

Parramatta classical guitar school: what you receive simply for enquiring.

At Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, all you have to do is ENQUIRE with us to get a great deal of great stuff. That’s right, people don’t even need to be matched up with a teacher. Any person who submits an enquiry with us for, say classical guitar schools in Parramatta, gets the all-important links for the good stuff. These are:

The Musicians’ Hub. It is a very handy online resource for people studying classical guitar in Parramatta. A central point for students to get up to date with music news reports, get motivated and generally make full use of each one of the resources and tools that are offered. These resources consist of everything from sheet music to video clips of inspiring shows. If it’s relevant, it’ll be there.

The newsletter. The Stars & Catz Music Newsletter is really a collection of goodness that will arrive at your inbox now and again. It will help keep you current with anything music-related we think you could find worthwhile, combined with tons of discount deals and free stuff. We are constantly hunting for discounted prices to aid your classical guitar tuition and once we find them, we pass them on to you.


Frequently asked questions about classical guitar schools in Parramatta.

1. Will searching through Stars & Catz lead me to the BEST TEACHERS?

Why looking to find classical guitar courses through us does indeed lead you to the best quality professionals.

Stars & Catz isn’t an agency, it’s a network. We do not take a percentage from the on-going lesson payments you make to your teacher; the teacher will keep 100% of those fees. The outcome of this is that we have the finest tutors in the community.

The fact is that successful, pro teachers are not going to become a part of an agency which makes their money by removing 20 or 30 % of every single tuition payment that a student makes. Why on Earth would they? Because of the fact we don’t demand this, they certainly do connect with us.

That’s the reason attempting to find classical guitar tutors in Parramatta with Stars & Catz can bring you the very best professionals in the industry.


How do you know our classical guitar studios are going to be high-quality?

Not just anybody is able to join the Stars & Catz Network.

We interview each individual teacher and screen for experience and relevant accreditation. So you can rest assured, when we’re dealing with your search for classical guitar academies in Parramatta we’re talking to seasoned and professional tutors exclusively.

3. Is it really a FREE SERVICE?

Is it free to search for classical guitar lessons by using Stars & Catz?

In short, yes.

The special set up we’ve got with all the tutors and academies in our network allows us to process your classical guitar schools in Parramatta enquiry without ever billing you.

You only pay for lessons, we add nothing at all on to the normal prices of the teacher and you don’t pay out a finder’s charge or agency charge.

4. Can ORGANISATIONS use the matching service?

Can organisations find classical guitar schools via Stars & Catz?

Of course. We regularly perform our matching process for organisations wanting help to discover classical guitar schools in Parramatta for a client.

5. Do you cater for SPECIAL NEEDS?

You need to find classical guitar schools for a person with special needs?

A common question we receive in regards to classical guitar schools in Parramatta is whether we offer teachers who are able to provide for special needs and learning difficulties.

The answer is yes, although we would have to consult with our Parramatta teachers on a case by case basis.

6. Can I buy a GIFT VOUCHER?

How about classical guitar schools and buying gift vouchers?

If you’re considering seeking out classical guitar schools in Parramatta as a present for someone, the least number of lessons offered for gifts is 5.

7. Can I have a ONE-OFF LESSON?

You’d like to search for classical guitar schools for only a single lesson only.

Regrettably, we’re unable to undertake our cost-free matching process for classical guitar schools in Parramatta for you if you purely need the single session only.

8. Can I have a FREE TRIAL LESSON?

What about looking for classical guitar schools and receiving a free lesson?

You are never locked into blocks of lessons with your new tutor with Stars & Catz and you may discontinue following lesson one if you wish.

Even so we do not offer you free trial lessons once we’ve successfully performed your search for classical guitar schools in Parramatta.

9. HOW MUCH will the lessons cost?

What exactly are the fees for classical guitar schools?

The charges are different in accordance with the specific school or tutor we match you with. A guide range would be anywhere within $30 to $40 for 30 mins and $50 to $70 for 1 hour.

You can actually limit the price as a part of your criteria, and we’re able to present you with an exact answer immediately after finishing your search for classical guitar schools in Parramatta.

10. When are lessons AVAILABLE?

When are classical guitar schools available?

To make life so much easier for you, we flip this question the other way around. When are you free? Perfect, we’ll be certain that’s listed in our important factors when we’re doing work on your classical guitar schools in Parramatta search.

11. What about tuition for ADULTS?

You would like classical guitar schools for adults?

If you’re an adult, seeking classical guitar schools in Parramatta for yourself, we have got you covered. Stars & Catz music teachers are expert in instructing adults.

12. Do you have tutors for ADVANCED students?

You’re after advanced classical guitar schools?

We get lots of advanced and even professional musicians utilising our matching process to locate the best suited classical guitar schools in Parramatta for them.

We know which of our teachers are able to take students to Diploma level and beyond and we know the genres each of them specialise in in addition to their practical experience as musicians.

13. Can we learn in a GROUP?

You’re seeking classical guitar schools for a group.

Our classical guitar schools in Parramatta will take care of groups, though only if you already have all of the group members. We don’t place students into pre-existing groups.

14. WHERE will the tuition take place?

What’s the exact location of the classical guitar schools?

This one we won’t be able to answer until we’ve done the matching process.

It could be that we’ve got a matching teacher in Parramatta, or that a travelling teacher who is a great match for your requirements, travels to your suburb.

We can only tell by getting all the answers we will ask for to undertake your search for classical guitar schools in Parramatta.


Parramatta classical guitar school: Our matching process

1. Teacher screening

Many people might tell you we are choosy. Others, pernickety (that just happens to be one of our most liked words, would you believe). Our team members don’t mind, let’s face it, it’s true.

Everyone here at Stars & Catz HQ takes the process of matching students with classical guitar schools in Parramatta incredibly seriously, as a result we require an exceptionally high standard from every single tutor in the Stars & Catz network. So you know when we handle your enquiry for classical guitar schools in Parramatta we are only dealing with experienced professionals.

2. We know our teachers

Truth be told, we’re people people. You know, the type of individuals who genuinely like people. Coupled with that, we’re obsessed with each person finding the best suited professional for their unique requirements when we search for Parramatta classical guitar schools.

All this is terrific news for you, since it says that we understand which Parramatta classical guitar schools would be suitable for you and which tutors to contact regarding your search for Parramatta classical guitar schools.

At Stars & Catz HQ, we know which genres and methods each tutor can provide, what sorts of music motivate them, as well as all sorts of other curious particulars about exactly how they work. We draw on all this knowledge when we search for Parramatta classical guitar schools for you.

3. We get to know you

Unsurprisingly, since we are people people, we find out what you’re really about as well.

What music stirs your soul? Who do you most like inside the musical style you would like to learn? How frequently would you like the Parramatta classical guitar lessons and would you like to proceed through the grades or study purely for enjoyment?

Everything we’ve talked about, plus more, will help us in determining which tutor is the best for your music goals, in our search for Parramatta classical guitar schools for you.

4. We follow up after lesson one

Now the Parramatta classical guitar tuition begin! Your initial lesson is like a ‘getting to understand each other’ session between you and the tutor.

We know a good relationship with the tutor is among the most crucial elements to easy and rewarding Parramatta classical guitar classes. It’s usually really fun, because you plan together what mountains you’re going to climb scale. After that, you’re on your way.

As part of the Stars & Catz support, a member of staff will email you after the first of the Parramatta classical guitar lessons to ask about just how it went. If the result of our search for Parramatta classical guitar schools for you was not what you had wanted, we will do everything we can to solve any concerns immediately, and make certain you are moving on the way to complete classical guitar mastery!


Stars & Catz in the Parramatta area and beyond:

We offer classical guitar schools nationwide

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