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What is Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network?

A free music teacher matching service! A national network of the best music teachers in the industry and a team dedicated to matching you with the right teacher in your area... for free!

Essentially, we are a community of teachers and schools that covers the whole country as well as several other countries around the globe. We offer in-home and local studio lessons. Yes, we can send a teacher to you! (And, if for whatever reason we’re unable to send a music teacher to you, we are almost sure to have a master Stars & Catz maestro just down the road from you.) And yes, this is a totally free service, no agency fees, finder's fees or padding of the teacher's rates.

What makes Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network different? We do what we do absolutely free! We give you lots of choice. Your Stars & Catz music teacher will tailor the lessons to suit your dreams. We're interested in people progressing fast, in an effortless, easy way. Every Stars & Catz music teacher has to have a fun-loving streak. You won’t even know you’re learning.

About Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network teachers: Whatever your music dream may be—we have a music teacher to help you get there. What instrument are you after? We can provide: guitar teachers, piano teachers, singing teachers, violin teachers... in fact, just about any instrument! What about a different type of teacher? We can find you a music teacher for opera singing, rock drums, classical strings, suzuki violin, yamaha flute, jazz trumpet, classical cello, dance keyboard, jazz brass, orchestral woodwind… and more!

What do all the programs that our teachers use have in common? Fun, choice, tailored, read music… or don’t, fast, easy, learn the styles you love.

Benefits of learning with a Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network teacher: No more travel time! If you want in-home lessons then that's what we'll find for you (where available). Learn with a music teacher who knows their stuff. You’ll be amazed at the abilities that your music tutor draws out. Expert buying advice, and lower than retail cost. All of our store gear has been chosen by music teachers. Peace of mind. Every music tutor and school registered with us holds the relevant child safety permits. We’re looking after you at Stars & Catz HQ. If your Stars & Catz music teacher moves to LA we’ll find you another teacher!

At Stars & Catz, we understand that a music teacher is someone you always remember, all your life. We recognise that a tutor can help to nurture self-confidence in a student. Stars & Catz believes that a music teacher should, when everything's said and done, be regarded as a friend and a positive influence. For more info click on the ‘Contact Us’ link.