31 Days of Classical, Day 6: Tugging at the heart strings with Brahms + MORE


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A day at the Oxford Lieder Festival: lunch with Schubert, tea with Mendelssohn and Gade + MORE

Daniel Heide and Andrè Schuen at Oxford Lieder Festival - photo Tom Herring Schubert, Mendelssohn, Gade; Andrè Schuen, Daniel Heide, Phoenix Piano Trio; Oxford Lieder Festival Reviewed by Robert Hugill on Oct 21 2016 Star rating: 4.5A vividly engaging baritone, and a lyrically passionate pian.... More »

New York Times: Seeing Voting Rights Under Siege, Philip Glass Rewrites an Opera ["Appomattox"] + MORE

The composer Philip Glass at Kennedy Center, where a revised version of his opera “Appomattox” will be staged. Credit Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times        Soloman Howardwww.etudearts.comThe New York.... More »

Florida Orchestra and Milwaukee Symphony Settle + MORE

We have two new entries in our list of mid to large budget orchestras with expired agreements that managed to ratify a new contract without resorting to a work stoppage: The Florida Orchestra and Milwaukee Symphony. Florida Orchestra A new three-year agreement begins reversing several rounds o.... More »

The 1945 Victory Symphony Contest in the Daily Express: The Premieres + MORE

The Daily Mail (10 June 1946) reported on the success of their rival newspaper’s Victory Symphony competition. Ralph Hill insisted that the paper has to be congratulated on its success in bringing to ‘the notice of the musical public two gifted young composers, Cedric Thorpe Davie and Bernard St.... More »
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Mozart in Beethoven's hands + MORE

Modeled after one of Beethoven's favorite Mozart quartets (which Beethoven himself copied by hand), the Beethoven Op 18 No. 5 is a romp of a work. The Miro Quartet certainly thinks so. You'll hear its performance from a Chamber Music Society of St Cloud recital in this week's Regional Spotlight..... More »

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“Yes, but I’m a totally legitimate classical music fan nonetheless. Let me tell you how I liked the performer’s ritard in the slow movement. Spoiler alert: I did not like it.”

“Does this venue happen to provide tickets that are discounted based on my youth?”

“Yes, but I certainly don’t know anything about how to get other young people to come to these things…

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River of Fundament; La finta giardiniera; In the Penal Colony  reviewColiseum, London; Glyndebourne, E. Sussex; Arts theatre, LondonEven as its funding was slashed, ENO was the place to be for Matthew Barney’s six-hour film-operaLast week English National Opera had its Arts Council England grant cut by 29%, or £5m per year. One reason given was that ENO, whose spirit of adventure is at once thrilling and at times, depending on taste or inclination, maddening, had "struggled to reach box-office targets"…

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Maria Stuarda review  the singers supply the passionRoyal Opera House, LondonWhat gives the evening genuine distinction are the individual vocal performances, and especially those from the protagonist and her implacable opponentThe most famous scene in Donizetti’s opera is a personal confrontation between Mary Stuart and her cousin Elizabeth I an event that never actually occurred, but which forms the crux of the piece and the moment at which Mary’s fate is effectively decided…

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It’s symphony vs opera on Wimbledon centre court todayRoger Federer loves Beethoven, goes to concerts and might have made a great violinist (the last, according to Anne-Sophie Mutter).
Novak Djokovic is (a mutual friend informs us) an opera fanatic, especially of Verdi.
It’s a clash of cultures in today’s final.
(with Mum at Rotterdam Phil)                        (with Natalie Dessay at the Met…

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International Collaboration in Dramatic Verdi’s Requiem

– www.seenandheard-international.com

  Verdi, Requiem: Anita Watson (soprano), Monica-Evelin Liiv (mezzo-soprano), David Butt Philip (tenor) and Michel De Souza (baritone), Royal Opera House Thurrock Community Chorus, Brighton Festival Chorus, Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne & Orchestra de Picardie / Arie van Beek (conductor), The Backstage Centre, Purfleet, Essex 4…

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  Beethoven, Triple Concerto in C, Op 56:  Benedetti/Elschebroich/Grynyuk Trio, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra / Kirill Karabits (conductor), Town Hall, Cheltenham, 2.7.2014 Brahms, Arlene Sierra, Shostakovich: Benedetti/Elschebroich/Grynyuk Trio, Alexander Sitkovetsky (violin), Benjamin Marquise Gilmore (viola), Town Hall, Cheltenham, 3…

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In America 2014, does Jackie Evancho = opera?

– www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc

In America 2014, does Jackie Evancho = opera?A touching and thoughtful post by opera student Chelsea Feltman poses three questions which should never be asked of a young artist (and obviously are, all the time). The questions:
-”Wow! So are you going to be on American Idol?”

-”The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite!”

-”Have you heard of the amazing 14-year-old opera singer, Jackie Evancho?”
Chelsea, alert to bad mood music, argues that opera will only be saved if the quality of singing comes first:
I just want to be an opera singer who does interesting things that fulfill me artistically, and I’m tired of waiting for the perfect opportunity to appear…

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What Makes an Opera Singer?

– cheyneyk.blogspot.com

Last month Radio 4’s Today programme invited classical crossover singer Russell Watson to speak about singing in relation to the imminent World Cup. When Watson was introduced as an ‘opera singer’ it raised hackles. Many wrote in demanding that the BBC correct their ‘mistake’, offering their own definitions of what an opera singer is supposed to be…

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31 Days is a bite-sized month-long trial of Classical Music from across the spectrum of this wonderful, expansive music we love at Classical MPR. Day 6, we listen to two versions of Brahms' German Requiem.

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WATCH Don Giovanni from Glyndebourne

– www.telegraph.co.uk

Watch: Mozart’s Don Giovanni live from Glyndebourne from 3pm

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Joyce DiDonato’s enthralling singing saved this Maria Stuarda

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Pan labyrinth

– parterre.com

Pan labyrinthWelcome to Parterre Puzzle Corner #2. But first, the solution to last week’s challenge.
If you remember, the puzzle was: what one, very unusual thing do Chausson’s Le Roi Arthus, Mozart’s Così fan tutte, and Krenek’s Jonny Spielt Auf have in common? A number of clever Parterrians solved the riddle by suggesting further additions to the list: Blow’s Venus & Adonis, Birtwistle’s The Minotaur, William Grant Still’s Troubled Island, and Shin-ichiro’s Mishima opera Rokumeikan…

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The many lives of Maria Stuarda ROH

– classical-iconoclast.blogspot.com

The many lives of Maria Stuarda ROHDonizetti Maria Stuarda at the Royal Opera House, London tonight with Joyce DiDonato, perhaps the best singer in this role today. Review to follow. Alas, the anti-modern boors were out in force, enraged because it wasn’t historical fact. Don’t these people realize that Donizatti was Italian ? Or that the libretto he set was based on a translation of  Friedrich Schiller ? Or that Schiller, a German, was more interested in drama than fact, making up characters who didn’t exist ?  In any case, no-one really knows the truth…

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