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Classical Music News - Elodie Lauten + MORE

American composer, performer and media artist Elodie Lauten died in June 2014, aged sixty-three.... More »

Komische Oper Berlin: Yevgeny Onegin + MORE

12 November 2016, Komische Oper BerlinThe very best opera productions often make everything look so simple. They make you wonder why so many stagings get things so wrong, why they throw far too much at dramas that don’t need it, for which less so often means more. Barry Kosky’s Komische Oper Yev.... More »
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Diary of a Tchaikovsky Competition loser + MORE

This is so bad it might even be good. Alexander Lubyantsev won third prize in the 2007 Tchaik Compettion and was eliminated in the first round four years later, a decision that provoked prolonged audience protests. Since then, he cannot make a living in music. He has been reduced to working on the s.... More »
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Wagner and Schelling in "The Last of the Titans" + MORE Sep 15th

I have been promising readers a review of Joachim Köhler's Richard Wagner: The Last of the Titans (TLT)—or, in German Der letzte der Titanen (LDT)—for a while. I doubt that I have the time and inclination to review the whole book at once. Nor would it be practical to write such an in depth.... More »

On Forbes: The Met's Klinghoffer Brouhaha + MORE

“The verdict was in, right after the premiere: The Death of Klinghoffer, John Adams’ opera that was performed at the MET to vociferous and heated, if small, protests (amply supplemented by local politicians) on October 20, is not an anti-semitic work. Not a particularly surprising verdict, ac.... More »

Boss swap


It’s all go on the Euro operaboss front. And it’s all because the incoming La Scala director Alexander Pereira was ‘released’ by the Salzburg Festival a couple of years early, leaving him ready to start in Milan in 2014 instead of 2016.
That means his La Scala predecessor Stephane Lissner can begin his own new job, at the Paris Opera, sooner than he thought…

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Slow but steady


Slow but steadyWith almost three weeks to go, New York City Opera’s Kickstarter campaign is only $956,985 short of its goal. [@coopnytimes]

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Lise Lindstrom shines as Turandot


Lise Lindstrom shines as TurandotMeet Lise Lindstrom, the American dramatic soprano whose voice lit up that old crowd-pleaser production of a Turandot (directed by Andrei Serban) in her house debut at Covent Garden yesterday. Here’s my review for The Independent.Many plaudits too to Eri Nakamura, the fabulous Liu, and in the pit, Henrik Nanasi from Hungary, who like Lindstrom was making his debut with the Royal Opera…

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Beethoven Marathon in for WaterAid and The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Pianist Julian Jacobson will be performing all of Beethoven’s piano sonatas in a marathon lasting from 9.15am to 10pm. The event takes place at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square and is to raise money for WaterAid and The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields. Jacobson will be playing the 32 sonatas from memory, in chronological order except for a lunch-time concert at 1pm on the day which will consist of Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata and the Sonata in E minor op…

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Some musical pieces, some moments, are part of us forever. That is why we started the All-Star Orchestra, a made-for-television ensemble with some of the greatest classical orchestral musicians from 30 orchestras across the United States.
Read more: All-Star Orchestra, Classical Music, Orchestra, Classical, Music, Beethoven, Musical Performance, Sibelius, Tv, Made for Tv, Arts News

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Hearing Better in the Morning


Hearing Better in the MorningDo we listen to classical music at the wrong time? Most concerts are scheduled between 7pm and 8pm, after we’ve rushed from the office, haven’t had time to eat and our concentration is at its lowest. Listening to Rudolf Buchbinder and members of the Wiener Philharmoniker in the glorious auditorium at the Grafenegg Festival on Sunday morning at 11am, I wondered whether we should try and programme more morning concerts…

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A quiet word about classical concert etiquetteWho says classical music must be enjoyed in silence? Despite a summer of mobiles, coughs and even a misfiring hearing aid, our writer refuses to join the tuttersWhen friends who aren’t used to live classical music come with me to concerts, they often ask if they need to behave in a particular way. I usually tell them to just turn up and listen – that a concert needs no dress code, no special handshake…

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Opera Queensland to perform Philip Glass’ latest at next year’s Brisbane Festival.

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NY City Opera’s New Model Sputters Before It Starts

Hot on the heels of massive concessions won in spite of widespread and intense artist pushback, the New York City Opera (NYCO) is failing to achieve the sustainability it claimed would follow the controversial model that general manager and artistic director George Steel described as “paying people only for the work that they do…

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Already performing dual roles in San Francisco Opera’s ‘Mefistofele,’ Racette is also preparing for the company’s Sept. 18 world premiere of ‘Dolores Claiborne,’ based on the Stephen King novel, with music by Tobias Picker.

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