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Unusual double - operas by Donizetti and Arnold at the Guildhall School + MORE

Donizetti I pazzi per progetto, Arnold The Dancing Master; dir: Lloyd-Evans, cond: Wheeler; Guildhall School of Music and Drama Reviewed by Robert Hugillon Feb 06 2015 Star rating: 4.0Imaginative double-bill of two rarely performed comic operas, fine performances and a lively productionFor it.... More »
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Classical Music News - Elodie Lauten + MORE

American composer, performer and media artist Elodie Lauten died in June 2014, aged sixty-three.... More »

EIF 2015 – HMS Pinafore, or, Showing London How It's Done (Again) + MORE

This concert performance of HMS Pinafore continues two trends of the 2015 Festival. First, like the semi-staged Budapest Figaro it contained more drama than many fully staged operas seen in London this season (the contrast with ENO's dull fully staged Pirates was especially telling). Second, it.... More »

I Warned You. + MORE

Back in September, I worried out loud about the number of cancelations on the SF Opera schedule. (Since then, Albina Shagimuratova has missed the opening Magic Flute.)And now the upcoming Meistersinger has been hit by the cancelation curse: A press release tells me that Greer Grimsley, who was .... More »

OPUS2016 shortlisted composer - Emma Wilde + MORE

Full Name: Emma Wilde(c) Mario DuarteAge: 24Where are you from? Where do you live now? Do you think this is relevant to understanding your music?I’m from Manchester and I still live there now. I suppose this is relevant to my music as growing up in Manchester, a city which has such a rich legacy.... More »
Sometimes it feels like the winter will never end. It’s April 15, I just had my lawn aerated, put down seed and fertilizer in the front yard a few days ago, and I woke up to snow yet again. After a speedy commute on the Go Train listening to one of my favorite podcasts, I taught my vocal lit class at the Royal Conservatory, where one of the students in my class did a presentation on Debussy’s Quatre Chansons de Jeunesse…

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Music Review: Valery Gergiev Conducts the Munich Philharmonic OrchestraValery Gergiev substituted for Lorin Maazel at Carnegie Hall on Friday, despite the presence of people outside opposed to his friendship with Vladimir V. Putin.

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Snapshot: Glenn Gould plays Hindemith

– www.artsjournal.com/aboutlastnight

Glenn Gould plays the fugue from Paul Hindemith’s Third Piano Sonata: (This is the latest in a series of arts-related…

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Brits in Rome, heard by Giuseppe Pennisi

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No limits

– parterre.com

No limitsThe scene: a vocal audition, sometime in the past. A young, blond soprano approaches the podium. Her aria: “Un bel di.” She sings. Before she gets to the second “Chi sara” she’s rudely interrupted.
I don’t know if this ever happened to Kristine Opolais, but I could certainly picture it happening to her…

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The London Mozart Players: Threatened orchestra plays on, managed by its own members
An internationally renowned British chamber orchestra has been taken over by its players after the withdrawal of council funding pushed it to the brink of bankruptcy.

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Ursula Oppens – Thinking of the next noteUpon entering Ursula Oppens’ modestly furnished, yet comfortable Upper West Side apartment with a view of the pedigreed patina of the historistic cupola belonging to Columbia University’s campus building, one is immediately taken by the vibrant aura that surrounds the eminent musician.
The personable pianist speaks softly, yet animatedly, in a welcoming way; her reputation is linked to an astonishingly vast array of distinguished contemporary composers, some of whose prominent works were dedicated to Oppens…

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Virginia Kay provides link to a 1996 NPR recording of Ulysses Kay's 'Of New Horizons,' found by Columbia University curator Jennifer LeeJohn Malveaux of www.MusicUNTOLD.com recently asked if a recording existed of the 1944 New York premiere of Ulysses Kay’s Of New Horizons.  Virginia Kay, the composer’s daughter, has replied:Dear Maestri,We do not have the 1947 recording Of New Horizons. But in case it’s useful, Jennifer Lee, the  curator of Ulysses Kay’s  collection at Columbia University’s Rare Books and Manuscripts, has tracked down a 1996  version at http://www…

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An Afro-American pioneer at the Met turns 80

– www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc

An Afro-American pioneer at the Met turns 80George Shirley’s lists of firsts is near-inexhaustible. He was the first African-American to be appointed to a high school teaching post in music in Detroit, the first African-American member of the United States Army Chorus in Washington, D.C., and the first African-American tenor and second African-American male to sing leading roles with the Metropolitan Opera, […]

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Into 2015 with world premieres

– www.planethugill.com

Into 2015 with world premieresScottish Chamber Orchestra © Marco BorggreveThe Scottish Chamber Orchestra has announced plans for 2014/15. This will be the sixth term for Robin Ticciati as Principal Conductor (and he has committed until at least 2018).  The orchestra is presenting two world premieres during the season plus a Scottish premiere and two UK premieres…

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Encounters with Britten

– irontongue.blogspot.com

Over at ArtsJournal, Terry Teachout has a posting up about his first encounter with Britten’s music, which happened to have been the great Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and Strings. I am reasonably certain my own first Britten was the Variations on a Theme of Henry Purcell, better known as the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra…

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A royal entertainment returns to Versailles

– www.theglobeandmail.com

Toronto’s Opera Atelier to stage Persée almost 250 years after it was performed in the palace for Marie Antoinette

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Lying About Hitler: Why Historians Reject Nazi Opera Conspiracies—and Why We Must Follow their ExampleEvery book has its target audience. The question is as to what the target of Nazi opera conspiracy books might be. It is likely to be an audience interested in opera, music and art history. It is likely to be a popular audience interested in the history of the Holocaust, some of whom have heard that it was caused by an opera composer—one who either deserves to be justly hated as the Holocaust’s root cause, or amongst Neonazi’s, revered for it…

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