‘Fellowship of the Ring’ + MORE Sep 10th

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Emily Dickinson poems the basis for Kiri Te Kanawa celebratory work + MORE

Sopranos celebrates milestone birthday at Ravinia with composer Jake Heggie’s new work in her honor..... More »

Autumn at St John's Smith Square + MORE

Artur PizzaroThe Autumn season at St John's Smith Square is an interesting mixture of the old and the new. There is a new Young Artists Programme, plus the Sunday at St Johns, whilst music varies from premieres of works by Harrison Birtwistle, Stephen Montague and Alexander Campkin, to the Early Op.... More »

Dr. Maria Thompson Corley, Pianist, Performs 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' of Paul Dukas, Transcribed by Gyorgy Sandor, on YouTube (10:32) + MORE

Dr. Maria Thompson CorleyDr. Maria Thompson Corley has been featured in AfriClassical many times.  She has just published a YouTube video:Sorcerer’s Apprentice - solo piano (10:32)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEt8u74veMY Published on Jul 31, 201.... More »

West End star Louise Plowright needs life-saving help from you, now. + MORE

First, this is what you need to know: Louise Plowright, a fantastically talented singer and actress who has appeared in many West End musicals, has pancreatic cancer which isn’t treatable in the United Kingdom. She needs help if she is going to survive. Her equally fantastically talented sist.... More »

Zubin Mehta brings Kunde, Cedolins, Ferri and Kunde to open the new Florence Opera House + MORE

I’ve only one thing to ask our Prime Minister, who is making so many reforms: I hope with all my heart that he will introduce tax relief for culture. It is of the utmost importance! Zubin Mehta, director of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, launched his appeal to Matteo Renzi, the current Italian Pr.... More »

Swan vibrators stimulate Wagner interest

– intermezzo.typepad.com

Powered by solar cells, the swan-shaped vibrators respond to light, stimulating the piano strings to join in. The Schwanenvibratorenbringen is part of a multi-room installation by composer/artist Georg Nussbaumer.
Nussbaumer's response to Lohengrin, which also includes the chrysalid composers below, was commissioned as part of Weimar's Wagnerversary celebrations…

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Learning to Listen: Back to School

– minnesota.publicradio.org

Learning to Listen — a new series from Classical MPR, hosted by Emily Reese — is an hour devoted to exploring classical music for learning and appreciation. This week, it's back to school, and thousands of Minnesota children and young adults will dust off their instruments and start learning new music — especially in band…

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Jacob Velasquez, a five-year-old pianist from Florida, has only been practicing his craft for one year. But that’s proved just long enough for the min…
Read more: Jacob Velasquez, Classical Music, Video, 5 Year Old Piano Prodigy, Child Prodigy, Baby Beethoven, Jacob Velasquez Piano, Mini Mozart, 5 Year Old Pianist, Prodigy, Piano, Arts News

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The soprano Deborah Voigt withdraws from the production a little more than a week before it opens.    

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Classical musicians from Palermo Classica go unpaidThe Festival Internazionale Palermo Classica (the Sicilian-based Palermo Festival of classical music) has recently completed its third edition. It has sporadic events from June until August situated in some of the most glorious locations in the world. Last July, at the jaw-droppingly beautiful Taormina, pianist Valentina Lisitsa gave a recital, one for which, more than a year later, she has still not been paid…

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The New York City Opera says it may have to cancel the rest of its season if it can’t raise $7m (£4.5m) by the end of this month.

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Inside Wagner’s Head, Linbury Studio - theatre reviewNo composer has inspired more inaccurate, stereotypical reactions than Wagner, and it is the triumph of Simon Callow’s one-man show Inside Wagner’s Head that he is able to illumine both the man and the work in all their bewildering complexity. Without attempting to conceal Wagner’s less savoury characteristics — the self-centredness and virulent anti-Semitism among them — he shows how such psychological flaws are actually integral to the Wagner phenomenon.

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Mouse Organ

– intermezzo.typepad.com

"Orchestra Da Camera is a musical installation in which the 40 elements of the chamber are mice running on their wheels.
Each wheel its connected to a carillon and when it turns the carillon starts playing its musical note.
The great number of carillons and the random actions of the living creatures makes unrecognizable the melodies (lullabies by Brahms, Schubert and Mozart ) creating an unexpected musical carpet determined by the mice…

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‘Fellowship of the Ring’

– ionarts.blogspot.com

This review is an Ionarts exclusive.

Fellowship of the Ring, Wolf Trap (photo by Priska Ketterer Luzern)Master Ionarts and I have reviewed the last two installments of the Lord of the Rings trilogy — in 2009 and 2010 — in the special screenings in the outdoor theater at Wolf Trap. The appeal of such screenings, with the film score performed live by a vast orchestra and choral ensemble, plus

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