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  1. You let us know what you’re looking for.
  2. We do the legwork for you, free of charge.
  3. Choose studio or in-home lessons (where available).
  4. Experienced teachers, with relevant qualifications.
  5. Only pay for lessons, no extra agency fees.


Teaching levels and ages

Absolute Beginners to Virtuoso (grades 0 to 8+)
Ages 7 to 107



1 hour = $50
30 mins = $30
Prices for Premium Teachers and in-home lessons may be higher.


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standard enquiry


We’ll do a preliminary search and get back to you within two working days.

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Which enquiry type is right for me?


If you want to get started with your new music teacher as soon as possible, submit a fast-track enquiry.

The fast-track enquiry form takes a few minutes longer then the standard enquiry form… but with good reason. Once you’ve filled out a fast-track enquiry, you’ve given us everything we need. We can start talking to our teachers about your enquiry straight away. We can check their availability against yours and make sure they teach the particular style you want, at the level you need and the location you desire. We’ll get back to you within three working days with either a progress update or, more usually, a matching teacher. We can then have the teacher call you in person.


In a rush now? In that case submit a standard enquiry (the form on this page).

This basic form gives us enough info to get back to you (within two working days) with either a “Yes, we have teachers with availability in your area” or “No, none of our teachers are available”. If it’s a “yes”, you’ll need to provide us with the same specific info we get for the fast-track enquiries. Then we can get into the process of narrowing down the search, speaking with teachers regarding your enquiry and getting back to you with a match. After that, we can arrange for the teacher to call you in person to answer any questions you may have and book a first lesson date and time.


Fast-Track Enquiries


  1. We search our network for teachers matching your specific requirements
  2. We contact the teachers and check their availability against yours
  3. You hear from us within three working days with a progress report or results
  4. You accept or decline the match we’ve found for you
  5. If accepted, we have the teacher call you in person

Standard Enquiries

  1. We search our network for teachers in your area matching your basic enquiry
  2. We give you a yes (we have potential teachers) or no within two working days
  3. If yes, you provide us with specific details such as your availability etc.
  4. We go through the steps listed above under ‘Fast-Track Enquiries’

Why choose us?

  • We’ll match you with the right music teacher for free
  • All you pay for are your lessons—no agency fees—no commissions
  • We’ll do all the leg work for you and take the hassle out of the process
  • You tell us what you want, where and when—that’s what we’ll search for
  • We have teachers with local studios as well as those who offer in-home lessons
  • Our teachers are screened for experience and relevant qualifications
  • You can learn with any of the major examination boards
  • We cater for all levels, ages 7+ and offer all genres of music