Frequently asked questions

1. Will Stars & Catz lead me to the BEST TEACHERS?

Stars & Catz is not an agency, it’s a network. We do not take a commission out of the ongoing lesson payments you make to a teacher; the teacher keeps 100% of those fees. The result of this is that we have the very best teachers in our network.

The simple fact is that successful, professional teachers will not join an agency that makes their money by taking 20% to 30% out each lesson payment a student makes. Why would they? Since we don’t do this, they do join us.

That’s why searching for through Stars & Catz will actually lead you to the best teachers in the industry.

2. Is it REALLY FREE to find a teacher through Stars & Catz?

In a word, yes.

The special arrangement we have with the teachers and schools in our network allows us to spend time on your enquiry without charging you.

You only pay for lessons, we add nothing on to the normal rates of the teacher and you don’t pay any finder’s fee or agency fee.

3. HOW LONG will the process take?

Because we’ll be contacting teachers for you and perhaps coming back to you with suggestions or questions, it’s impossible for us to say how long the process will take.

However, when you enquire, we promise to be back in contact within a certain number of days. We keep these promises so you always know how your enquiry’s progressing.


Not just anyone can join our network. We screen for experience and relevant qualifications and speak with every teacher before they teach any students through us. So you can rest assured, when we’re working on your search we’re speaking with experienced and professional teachers only.

5. When are the LESSONS AVAILABLE?

To make life even easier for you, we turn this question around. When are you available? Great, we’ll make sure that’s included in our criteria when we’re working on your search.

6. What’s the TEACHER’S ADDRESS?

This is one we can’t answer until we’ve completed our matching process. It might be that we have a matching teacher in your suburb, or that a travelling teacher who is perfect for you, services your area. We can only tell by getting all the details we need to complete your search.

7. How much do the lessons COST?

The rates vary depending on the individual school or teacher we match you with. A guide range will be somewhere between $30 to $40 for 30 minutes and $50 to $70 for the hour.

You can limit the price as part of your criteria, and we can give you a specific answer after finishing your search.

8. Can ORGANISATIONS use the Stars & Catz matching service?

Yes. We often do our matching process for organisations wanting help to find a local music teacher for a client.

9. Do you offer GIFT VOUCHERS?

Yes, and the fewest number of lessons available for a gift is five.

10. Can I have a FREE TRIAL lesson?

You’re never locked into blocks of lessons with a new teacher through Stars & Catz and you can stop after lesson one if you wish. However, we do not offer a free trial lessons having successfully completed your search.

11. Can I have a ONE-OFF LESSON?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do our free matching process for you if you only want the one lesson.

12. Can I take lessons in a GROUP?

Our teachers can certainly accommodate groups, but only if you already have all the group members. We do not place students into pre-existing groups.

13. Do you have teachers for the SYLLABUS I’ve already started on?

We know which syllabuses and examination boards the teachers in our network prefer. Simply include the syllabus you wish to follow in your search criteria and we’ll ensure the teacher we find offers what you need.

14. Can you cater for students with SPECIAL NEEDS?

We do successfully place students with special needs and learning difficulties. We will need to speak with our teachers on a case by case basis.

15. Can I SIT EXAMS through Stars & Catz?

Many students want to go through the grades with one or another of the major examination boards.

We know which boards our teachers prefer and will keep that in mind when we’re working on your enquiry.

16. Do you offer tuition for ADULTS?

If you’re an adult, looking for tuition for yourself, we have you covered. Stars & Catz tutors are experienced in teaching adults.

17. Do you have tutors for ADVANCED students?

We get many advanced and even professional musicians using our matching service to find the right teacher for them.

We know which of our teachers are able to take students to Diploma level and beyond and we also know the genres they are skilled in as well as their experience as musicians.

18. Are there any OTHER SITES you recommend?