Get your ‘Student Approved’ badge

If you’ve been provided the link to this page then you’ve received at least one student through our network and that student (or their parents) have given us positive feedback about you and their experience in the first lesson. Congratulations, you are now officially a ‘Student Approved’ Stars & Catz teacher or school.

So what does this mean?

It means that you may now display our ‘Student Approved’ badge on your website. Potential students who come to your site will see the badge and recognise it as an industry award, increasing your professional reputation instantly. For most students just seeing the badge is enough but those who wish to know more are able to access all the information about the badge and its’ meaning on our site.

Why do we offer this?

We’re constantly asking ourselves what more we might be able to do to help our members. One day we realised that our position, as a third party receiving good feedback about you, is pretty well unique and that it provided us the opportunity to stand behind you in a wider sense than we were currently doing. We know how much industry awards and third party ‘votes’ increase a website visitor’s trust (take Facebook likes for instance) and so we understood how valuable something similar from us would be for you to display on your website. That’s why we’ve created the Stars & Catz ‘Student Approved’ badge.


Terms of Use

1. The badge code must be copied and pasted in its entirety and may not be altered in any way.

2. The teacher or school must be a current member of Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network in order to display the badge.

3. Both the badge code and the url of this page are confidential and may not be shared with anyone other than the teacher or school’s website developer.

4. Stars & Catz may revoke the license to use the badge at their discretion. If the license is revoked then the badge must be removed within 14 days of the request.

5. All copyrights to the Stars & Catz Logo and badge graphics remain the property of Stars & Catz PTY LTD. License to use them is limited to website use only and granted when access to this page has been provided directly to the teacher or school by Stars & Catz and while the above terms are adhered to or until Stars & Catz revokes the license of use.


And here are the badges…

Individual Teachers Click Here

Wide Style Badge

Example 1: Wide style on a white background

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network Student Approved Badge

This teacher is a member of the Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network and one or more students have given positive feedback after taking classes with them.


Example 2: Wide style on a dark background

Stars & Catz Logo

Students who have taken classes with this music teacher have given positive feedback about them. Verified by: Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network.

Wide style code (click to select then copy and paste)


Narrow Style Badge

Example 1: Narrow style on a white background

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network Logo

Students who have had lessons with this music teacher have provided positive feedback about their tuition. Confirmed by: Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network.


Example 2: Narrow style on a dark background

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network

This badge confirms that Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network has been given positive feedback about this teacher from one or more students.


Narrow style code (click to select then copy and paste)



Music Schools Click Here

Stars & Catz is not an agency, it’s a network. We do not take a commission out of the ongoing lesson payments you make to a teacher; the teacher keeps 100% of those fees. The result of this is that we have the very best teachers in our network.

The simple fact is that successful, professional teachers will not join an agency that makes their money by taking 20% to 30% out each lesson payment a student makes. Why would they? Since we don’t do this, they do join us.

That’s why searching for through Stars & Catz will actually lead you to the best teachers in the industry.