Guitar Lessons in Sydney


  1. You let us know what you’re looking for.
  2. We do the legwork for you, free of charge.
  3. Choose studio or in-home lessons (where available).
  4. Experienced teachers, with relevant qualifications.
  5. Only pay for lessons, no extra agency fees.


Teaching levels and ages

Absolute Beginners to Carlos Santana (grades 0 to 8+)
Ages 7 to 107



1 hour = $50
30 mins = $30
Prices for Premium Teachers and in-home lessons may be higher.


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Here’s why you’ll love our guitar teacher matching service


1. FREE matching to a Sydney guitar teacher!

Lining you up with the best Sydney guitar teacher is extremely important to us. We put a lot of care and effort into finding the Sydney guitar teacher who’s going to bring out the best in you.

2. Tuition that’s unique to you.

Thought about how you’d like to learn guitar? Would you like to be able to read music, or would you rather master guitar tabs and chords? Maybe you’d rather concentrate on either electric guitar, or acoustic guitar—or even both! No matter what you’re seeking, your hand-picked guitar teacher will develop a learning strategy unique to you.

3. We do the legwork for you.

You don’t need to call any teachers or wait for anyone to return your calls. Just leave your enquiry with us and we’ll let you know when we’ve found the teacher you’re looking for. We can then have them call you in person.

4. Prefer to learn at home? No worries.

If you have a peaceful space at home and that’s where you’d like to have guitar lessons, we can find a teacher who’ll come and teach you there. Stars & Catz offers travelling guitar teachers, as well as those who have created their own special studio. All of our Sydney guitar teachers are experienced, patient and understanding, and those who travel are usually in high demand. (Note: sometimes, this high demand means that in-home lessons may not be available.)

5. Registration costs and hidden fees? There aren’t any.

There’s nothing else to pay for other than your guitar lessons. No fees—ever.

6. Binding contracts or commitments are definitely not our thing!

We promise no locking in and no terrifying contracts. There are already plenty of those in the world!

7. Have lots of fun!

Your experienced Sydney guitar teacher will help you get the results you’re after, and ensure you’re having a ball while you’re at it.

8. Master the songs that you’ve always wanted to play.

Where did your inspiration originally come from? That’s the perfect place to aim for, and your Sydney guitar teacher will be there for you all the way.

9. Study as much music theory as you need to de-mystify the guitar.

We don’t want you to feel as though you’ve enrolled in your post-graduate degree in Advanced Music Theory (ouch).

10. Expand beyond sheet music.

Love to be able to improvise anywhere, anytime? Your Sydney guitar teacher will help you train your ear, extend your practical knowledge and build your confidence.

11. The guitar teachers in our network are experts at spotting bad habits!

Get off to a good start with a real, live teacher who can spot any bad habits that may be sneaking in in your guitar lessons. All the music guide books or videos on the planet cannot compare with the dedicated attention of your experienced Sydney guitar teacher.

12. Have a lot of fun learning songs to completion, not just some parts.



Sydney guitar lessons: Locating the teacher who’s just right for you


There are people who might say we’re finicky. Others may even call us pernickety (which is one of our favourite words, we’ll have you know). To be honest, we don’t mind, because it’s absolutely true. We take the role of matching students with Sydney guitar teachers extremely seriously, and that means we demand a extremely top standard from every word’s true Sydney guitar teacher we sign up.

The fact is, we’re people people. In other words, the type of people who genuinely like people. And we’re ridiculously fond of Sydney guitar teachers. To us, they’re simply astounding. This is super news for you, as it tells you that we know all of the Sydney guitar teachers in our network in person—and that helps us connect you with the guitar teacher who suits you best. We know exactly the way our Sydney guitar teachers prefer teaching, where their inspiration originates, as well as all manner of other weird and wonderful intricacies regarding how they go about work.

Of course, because we’re people people, we like to make sure that we understand what you are about, too. Which kind of music could you listen to all day? Which band or artist would you travel around the world to see? How often would you like your Sydney guitar lessons and would you like to learn for grades or simply for fun? All of these things, plus more, will help us determine which teacher is absolutely right for you and your learning needs, in your Sydney guitar lessons.

Now the Sydney guitar lessons begin! The first lesson is quite like a little ‘getting to know you’ meeting between you and your Sydney guitar teacher. It’s known to be particularly exciting, as you plan out together what you’d like to master. From here on in, you’re off and running. As part of the Stars & Catz service, we’ll get in touch with you after your first Sydney guitar lesson to discover how the lesson went. If you find that your first Sydney guitar lesson is not what you had in mind, we’ll do our utmost to smooth out any difficulties as promptly as possible, so that you keep things moving on your journey to total guitar God-status!