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Drake and Diddy Brawl at Miami Nightclub + MORE

Drake can’t escape the drama. After being caught in the middle of Chris Brown and Karrueche’s breakup, the “0 to 100″ rapper had a physical confrontation with Diddy at a Miami nightclub on Monday morning. The fight reportedly erupted at DJ Khaled’s birthday party out.... More »

Relive Tom Waits’ Final Appearance on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ + MORE

David Letterman and Tom Waits have had a number of run-ins over the years, with Waits' first appearance dating all the way back to 1983. And today, as Waits turns 67, what better way to celebrate one of the most prolific singer-songwriters than to revisit his final appearance on a show that has span.... More »

A$AP Rocky & Mark Ronson Sample An Australian Band On New Song ‘Everyday’ + MORE

A$AP Rocky has just dropped a new song, Everyday, that saw him collaborate with everyone from Mark Ronson, to Miguel, to Rod Stewart via Australian band Python Lee Jackson. To explain, A$AP Rocky... Bringing You The Latest Aussie & International News - Reviews And Interviews .... More »

Album Review: Ben Browning – Turns + MORE

Ben Browning’s debut solo album sounds like his work with Cut Copy, only toned down a notch. Unlike the songwriter’s main project, these synth-filled tunes don’t aim to reach any anticipatory climax. The album moseys on, never exceeding a mild tempo. The tempo, lyrics, and album and t.... More »
News: Northlane's singer Adrian Fitipaldes has quitCould Northlane's next singer be you?

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Mister Cee and Funkflex’s ‘Ready To Die’ 20th Anniversary Tribute Mix<center
20 years ago today The Notorious B.I.G. released one of hip-hop’s most celebarted albums to date. Even with the grisly title, fans from all over the world flocked to Ready to Die. Biggie’s lyrics on this LP made you feel you were standing right next to B.I.G. on St. James, slangin’ crills…

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The internet thinks Beyonce is pregnant again, so here’s a brief rundown on why everyone thinks so and whether or not it is true.

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Chris Brown And Trey Songz Pay Homage To R. Kelly On “Songs On 12 Play”: ListenChris Brown teamed up with Trey Songz for “Songs On 12 Play,” a new song from Brown’s upcoming sixth album X (out September 16).
The match-up isn’t just arousing mood music, as to be expected from two young R&B stars. Instead, Brown and Songz weave in references to R. Kelly‘s singles off 1993 debut 12 Play (“Sex Me,” “Bump ‘N Grind,” “Your Body’s Callin’”), plus later hits like “Fiesta” and “Ignition,” in efforts to sound more explicitly adult…

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Here’s the upside to recording music under two distinct monikers: you can totally remix yourself and it doesn’t have to include some variation of the irksome phrase “self remix”. Canadian electronic musician Dan Snaith is reaping just such rewards by remixing his Caribou single “Our Love” under his EDM alter ego Daphni…

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Singer praises frat’s version of ‘Shake It Off.’

      Related StoriesFlawless! Beyonce invites Nicki Minaj onstage in ParisRemembering Cosimo Matassa, master of the 'New Orleans Sound'Barbra Streisand will visit 'Tonight Show' Monday 

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'Curly Sue' star Alisan Porter reveals battle with alcoholism, journey to recoveryAlisan Porter was just 10 when she played the cutie-pie little star of the 1991 John Hughes comedy “Curly Sue.” But now Porter, 33, is coming forth with some very grown-up revelations about her life.”Hi, I’m Ali, and I’m an alcoholic,” the theater actor and singer wrote this week in a blog post on lilmamas…

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Pierce The Veil x Selena Gomez Mashup

– www.alterthepress.com

Pierce The Veil x Selena Gomez MashupDid you ever think you would see the two names Pierce The Veil and Selena Gomez used in the same sentence?!The infamous Dr. Brixxx has released a mashup of Selena’s hit single “Come and Get It” with PTV’s “Bulls In The Bronx.”And the results? Listen to “Matador” and let us know what you think!

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Reasons to Live: Sloan, Esben, ZeusSloan’s “double-sided solo album” allows plenty of time to marvel at how far all four principles have come as pop craftsmen.

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Hilary Duff fights for pop comeback

– www.dailytelegraph.com.au

HILARY Duff was scared her pop comeback after a seven-year absence from the charts would be greeted by silence. It was anything but.

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The singer was so impressed with their video, she invited them to one of her concerts…

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U2 Apple stunt backfires

– www.music-news.com

U2 Apple stunt backfiresU2’s album spam PR stunt has destroyed decades of legacy quicker than hitting a delete button. In fact, many millions of Apple

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