How it all works


Firstly, welcome to the Stars & Catz Music Teacher and School Network. This page will give you an idea of our process, so that you know what to expect when we contact you in regards to a potential new student.

Time is of the essence when it comes to converting a student enquiry into a new student for you. Here are the steps that need to be followed to keep the process smooth and effective.


1. We offer you a student’s enquiry.

The information we forward to you will include details about what the student is looking for, their availability and level, but not their contact details.
You advise us whether you’d like to take this student on or not (please note that by accepting the student you are confirming that you have lesson slots available that match the student’s requirements).
If we cannot contact you or do not hear back from you within 24 hours, we reserve the right to contact another teacher or school for that student.

2. We promote you to the student.

We get back to the student and tell them why we think you’re the best match for them and get the ‘go ahead’ from them to pass their contact details on to you.

3. You call the student.

We contact you by phone and email to give you the student’s phone numbers. You then have two working days, from the day we send their contact details, to contact them. If they don’t answer on the first call, leave an introductory message (saying you’re with of the Stars & Catz Network) along with your contact number. This will reduce the risk of the student waiting too long and deciding to find a different teacher through other means. Obviously, if you were unable to reach the student on the first attempt, continue trying until you make personal contact and keep us informed of your progress.

** First lessons must be booked for a date no earlier than 2 working days from the date of booking (see point 4 below).

4. Call or email Stars & Catz to notify us of the date of your first lesson.

We rely on you to let us know the first lesson date, time and duration. This must be done promptly, to allow us time to organise the student’s payment before the first lesson. In the interests of both Stars & Catz and our schools, no lessons may be taught until payment is received. If a first lesson goes ahead without the green-light from us our safety-net policy doesn’t apply. This means that if the first lesson’s unsuccessful and the student wishes to discontinue we’d be unable to pay you for the lesson. Once you have the green-light to teach you know you are covered by our safety-net policy.

5. We give you the green-light.

Once the student’s payment has been finalised we’ll contact you by phone or email to give you the green-light to begin lessons.

6. We follow up with the student.

We contact the student after lesson one to see how they went. This is really our way of checking they’re happy and nipping anything in the bud if they weren’t. Assuming they get back to us, we’ll let you know what they said. If we don’t hear anything from them then we assume they’re happy.


What happens next?


After the completion of the second lesson, we step out of the week-to-week picture. Ongoing lesson payments are made directly to you, by the student, and lesson dates and times are also worked out directly between yourself and the student.