Julian Anderson: Thebans (world premiere), English National Opera, 3 May 2014 + MORE


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Pittsburgh visit + MORE

I spoke at Carnegie Mellon last night, in the Humanities Center's "Music: Mind, Machine, and Milieu" lecture series. Many thanks to David Shumway, Richard Randall, and others for hosting me. This was my first visit to Pittsburgh since 2000, when I saw Mariss Jansons lead the Pittsbur.... More »

A Band Apart: Resident Evil + MORE

What does it mean when strangers show up, infiltrate our institutions, assimilate our knowledge, and then leave? Ensemble-in-residence...who does that?.... More »

'Seeking the Infinite': New film tells the story of Stanislaw Skrowaczewski + MORE

Stanislaw Skrowaczewski's appearances this week at Orchestra Hall will be preceded by screenings of a fascinating new documentary about his long and distinguished life..... More »

SSO awarded for fostering China ties + MORE

THE Sydney Symphony Orchestra has been recognised for its efforts in building cultural relations between Australia and China..... More »
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Music critic nabs concertgoer’s phone to keep her off it + MORE

Philadelphia Inquirer music critic David Patrick Stearns recently reviewed a Philadelphia Orchestra performance at the Musikverein in Vienna. The piece has been attracting more notice than the average orchestra review, though, due to Stearns’s admission that he made a bold move to address a .... More »
Music Review: Philadelphia Orchestra Performs at Carnegie HallThe magnificent concert that the Philadelphia Orchestra gave on Friday night at Carnegie Hall was spoiled by an unwelcome sound.

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Ensemble. Metaphysical Realm

– www.mvdaily.com

Wagner’s ‘Tristan und Isolde’ impresses Giuseppe Pennisi

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Thebans review  Julian Anderson's dazzling new English National Opera adaptationColiseum, LondonJulian Anderson and librettist Frank McGuinness have brilliantly compressed Sophocles’s trilogy into a compelling and dramatic narrative that feels fresh and thrillingSophocless Oedipus trilogy is so revered as a foundational document of western civilisation that one forgets just how exciting the three plays are…

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ENO Thebans Julian Anderson scores for English opera

– classical-iconoclast.blogspot.com

ENO Thebans Julian Anderson scores for English operaThe English National Opera’s Julian Anderson Thebans at the Coliseum, London, absolutely justifies the ENO’s mission: opera, in English, and of national significance. Anderson is one of the most influential figures in modern British music. He’s always written with a distinctively “visual” personality, translating concrete images into abstract music (Read my article Julian Anderson – visual composer…

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First opera triumph - Julian Anderson's ThebansChristopher Ainslie and Roland WoodThebans, act 3picture credit Tristan Kenton Julian Anderson and Frank McGuinness – Thebans: director Pierre Audi, conductor Edward Gardner: ENO at the London Coliseum Reviewed by Robert Hugillon Mar 20 2014 Star rating: 5.0Triumphant first outing for composer Julian Anderson’s first operaJulian Anderson’s much anticipated first opera, Thebans, premiered at the London Coliseum on 3 May 2014, in a production by English National Opera…

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Oleg Caetani interview

– www.ft.com

The conductor talks about his belated Covent Garden debut, how Puccini has been misunderstood – and why gestures matter more than explanations

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A Greek Chorus of Approval

– lietofinelondon.wordpress.com

Review – Thebans (English National Opera, Saturday 3 May 2014)
The Chorus of English National Opera
Oedipus – Roland Wood
Creon – Peter Hoare
Tiresias – Matthew Best
Jocasta – Susan Bickley
Stranger from Corinth & Haemon – Anthony Gregory
Shepherd – Paul Sheehan
Messenger & Theseus – Christopher Ainslie
Antigone – Julia Sporsén
Polynices – Jonathan McGovern
Eteocles – Matt Casey
Director- Pierre Audi
Set Designer – Tom Pye
Costume Designer – Christof Hetzer
Lighting Designer – Jean Kalman
The Orchestra of English National Opera
Frank McGuinness (Libretto)
Julian Anderson (Composer)
Edward Gardner (Conductor)
English National Opera is to be congratulated for their commitment to new works…

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MELODEON: Soprano Marti Newland in 'American Intimates: Music for Private Pleasure' Sunday, June 1, 2014 at 4 Church of the Epiphany, 74th & York Ave.(Left to right, American composers William Grant Still, Arthur Bird, Dana Suesse)Marti Newlandwww.martinewland.comMarti Newland, soprano: George Spitzer, baritone: Andrew Sun, piano: Artis Wodehouse, antique American reed organ, pianoAmerican Intimates: Music for Private Pleasure features American music intended for performance by home amateurs or broadcast in the early days of radio…

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The Modernist Populist

– www.artsjournal.com/postclassic

Even beyond Ives, I’m on a roll lately of research on dead American composers (DACs – I wish there were more public interest in LACs, but they are a needy and competitive bunch, and I’ve discovered the pleasures of communing musicologically with the serene and undemanding dead). Aside from Robert Palmer and Johanna Beyer (of whom possibly more […]

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In Brief: Queen of the May Edition

– ionarts.blogspot.com

Here is your regular Sunday selection of links to online audio, online video, and other good things in Blogville and Beyond. (After clicking to an audio or video stream, press the "Play" button to start the broadcast.) Some of these streams become unavailable after a few days.

We just recommended Lalla Roukh by Félicien David, and now Véronique Gens heads up a performance of the same composer’s

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La Fanciulla del West is probably no one’s favorite opera; although Puccini’s imaginative writing for the orchestra and harmonic adventurousness are often mentioned, the whole spaghetti western impression comes across are unforgivably kitsch for most opera goers. This is why the fact that director Christof Loy had not decided to rescue it from its innocence is what makes his staging particularly effective…

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ColiseumOedipus – Roland WoodCreon – Peter HoareTiresias – Matthew BestJocasta – Susan BickleyStranger from Corinth, Haemon – Anthony GregoryShepherd – Paul SheehanMessenger, Theseus – Christopher AinslieAntigone – Julia SporsénPolynices – Jonathan McGovernEteocles – Matt CaseyPierre Audi (director)Tom Pye (set designs)Christof Hetzer (costumes)Jean Kalman (lighting)Lysander Ashton (video designs)Chorus of the English National Opera (chorus master: Dominic Peckham)Orchestra of the English National OperaEdward Gardner (conductor)There can be no doubting the ambition to this, Julian Anderson’s first opera, with a libretto ‘by Frank McGuinness after Sophocles’…

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Rossini’s La Gazza Ladra, 04.05.2015

– ihearvoices.wordpress.com

La Gazza Ladra is considered by many Rossini’s most original opera, the one in which comedy and tragedy are most perfectly connected and theatrical conventions then in force were most frontally and effectively challenged. Then the question is: why is it so rarely staged? And the answer is very simple: the vocal parts are so difficult and the acting requirements are so considerable that opera houses usually find it safer simply to refrain from staging it at all…

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