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Why hunt for Melbourne guitar classes through Stars & Catz?

1. FREE matching to the right guitar tutor in Melbourne!

Getting your Melbourne guitar tuition away to an ideal start is extremely important to us. Our staff will put expert care and attention into determining the right Melbourne guitar teacher for you, based on the guidelines you provide.

The fact is, if you desire electric guitar lessons but end up getting an acoustic guitar tutor, you’re not going to be completely happy. On top of that, if you enjoy sonatas and desire classical guitar tuition but then find yourself with a rocker as a teacher, it’s not going to work. We realize that and that is why we will not match you with educators who simply would not work.

2. Tuition tailored to you.

In what way would you like to learn guitar? Do you have your heart set on learning to read music, or would you prefer to get started using guitar tabs and chords? Perhaps you’d rather concentrate on either electric guitar, or acoustic guitar—or both! No matter what you’re looking for, your specially chosen guitar teacher will come up with a learning strategy especially for you.

3. We deal with all of the legwork for you

You don’t have to phone any teachers or wait to see if anyone returns your calls. Simply let us do the work for you and we will do our matching process and let you know when we have located the tutor you are looking for. We’ll then have them call you personally.

4. Want to learn at home? No trouble at all

When you’ve got a set up music area in your own home and that is where you’d like to have guitar tuition, we’ll limit our search to peripatetic guitar tutors who offer tuition in students’ houses.

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network features travelling guitar tutors, in addition to those who have created their very own studio. All of the Melbourne guitar teachers within our network are expert, patient and understanding, and those that provide home based lessons are forever in high demand.

(Note: on occasion, that demand will mean that in-home tuition isn’t a possibility.)

5. Sign-up charges and concealed fees? They do not exist

There’s not anything more to pay for apart from your guitar tutoring. Absolutely no fees—ever.

6. Long term agreements or obligations aren’t in our vocabulary

We promise no locking you in and no scary contracts. The world has enough of those already!

7. Study complete songs

Have fun mastering full songs, not merely the bits and pieces. Because no one likes having to quit a great song just before the best part!

8. Theory that makes sense

Go over as little music theory as it takes to de-mystify the guitar.

We don’t want you to suddenly get the feeling you’re entering your Degree in Enhanced Music Theory (that hurts).

9. You will have a bucket load of fun

Your experienced Melbourne guitar teacher will help you get great results, and make sure you’re enjoying yourself at the same time.

10. You decide

Where did your inspiration originally come from? That’s a really good place to aim for, and your Melbourne guitar tutor will be there for you all the way.

11. Go past relying on sheet music

Just imagine being able to improvise, any place, anytime. Your Melbourne guitar tutoring can help you train your ear, open up your knowledge and increase your confidence.

Do you have a dream around this? Maybe you are one of those people who would like to head off to a family get together with your acoustic guitar and then impress everybody by jamming with another musical person in the group? Or are you a blues lover who wants to participate in your local improvised blues night at a local pub. Simply carry your electric guitar and amplifier and then get into it!

12. Correct technique

Nip any problems in the bud with a real, live tutor who can identify any sneaky bad habits that may be popping up in your guitar lessons. All the ‘how-to’ books or videos on the planet cannot compare with the full attention of your experienced Melbourne guitar tutor.

13. All levels are looked after

We offer guitar education for beginners, intermediates and also advanced students.

A question we are asked routinely is which sort of guitar and style of learning will best suit a beginner or a child. The reply is that for everyone over ten years old (including adults) any kind of guitar is good in the beginning. Passion is such a major part of guitar that we would be nutty to advise that someone who contacted us regarding acoustic guitar tuition needs to actually start with learning classical guitar, or that a person who desires electric guitar lessons needs to actually start with acoustic. Having said that, for the kids younger than ten, we’d advise either a classical or electric guitar. This is simply because they are actually much gentler on the fingers than an acoustic.

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More on our matching service

1. High standards

Some people might call us fussy. Others could possibly call us pernickety (which happens to be one of our favourite words, would you believe). We don’t mind, actually, because it’s absolutely true.

We take the job of matching students with Melbourne guitar tutors absolutely seriously, and therefore we demand a absolutely high standard from every word’s true guitar tutor we sign up to our network.

2. We get to know our teachers

In truth, we are people people. You know, the type of people who genuinely like people. Along with that, we are passionate about everybody receiving the best suited Melbourne guitar tuition for their particular requirements.

All of this is great news for you, because it tells you that we understand which Melbourne guitar tutors would be great for you and which tutors to call regarding your guitar education first.

Here at Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, we know just what genres and methods each tutor provides as part of their Melbourne guitar classes, what sorts of music motivate them, as well as lots of other curious details about how they work.

3. We find out about you

And knowing that we’re people people, we make it a point that we get to know you as well.

Are you wanting electric guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons? Maybe you do not want either because you are strictly interested in classical guitar? What kind of music stirs you the most? Which band or artist would you travel around the world to see? How frequently would you like your Melbourne guitar lessons and would you be interested in learning for grades or just for enjoyment?

All of the above, plus more, will help us figure out which teacher is best for you and your learning needs.

4. We follow up after the first lesson

So let the Melbourne guitar instruction begin! Your initial class is like a ‘getting to understand one another’ session between you and your teacher. We realize that a strong rapport with your teacher is among the most essential factors to fun and rewarding guitar lessons.

It’s normally very fun, as you plan with each other what mountains you’re going to climb ascend. After that, you are on your way.

As part of the Stars & Catz customer service, we will email you after the first of the guitar classes to ask just how it went. If your Melbourne guitar tuition wasn’t what you had expected, we’ll do everything we can to solve any challenges immediately, and make sure you’re kept moving on the path to utter guitar mastery!

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More information about Stars & Catz

1. How does Stars & Catz work?

Stars & Catz is a nationwide community of quality tutors and schools, backed up by a small team of people who focus on matching students with tutors. Our tutor matching service is at the very centre of what we do and the best part, for you, would be the fact it’s carried out at no cost to you.

It works this way: you get in contact and inform us of just what you’re trying to find. As an example, a classical guitar course in Melbourne. Excellent. That provides us with a great place to start. After this you tell us some more preferences, for instance if you’d have a preference for studio or in-home lessons (when on offer) and when it is that you’re free.

Only then do we diligently look through our network of top guitar teachers servicing Melbourne, with the needs in mind. You want to learn guitar and, hypothetically, you’re free on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday in the morning, and happy to visit a nearby studio room. With all of this data, our team will go ahead and do our free teacher matching service.

If we find a guitar teacher in Melbourne who matches your criteria, good. You begin your tuition and just cover the cost of your actual lessons—no agency costs or commissions applied. If, for whatever reason, we’re not able to match you with a music teacher, rest assured that our community is always changing and enlarging so your guitar tutor in Melbourne may well be joining Stars & Catz any day.

2. This is why everyone loves us

What can we say? We work with a lot of happy individuals. Because our teacher matching services are absolutely free, most people are grateful for our services even if we don’t happen to locate the music teacher they’re in search of. And if we do, doubly pleased. We find that people like clear-cut, straightforward things, and that’s what our free guitar tutor matching services are exactly about.

Here’s the ins and outs: first of all, you contact us and let us know exactly what you’re seeking. For example, classical guitar coaching in Melbourne. Do not forget to let us know when you’re available, and whether you’d like in-home lessons or are content to travel to a tutor’s studio. We then get into action, searching our considerable network of classical guitar teachers in Melbourne to find the tutor you’re in search of.

Note, this service is entirely free. All that you cover the cost of are your lessons. There won’t be any inflated costs to hide agency fees, commission rates or anything like that. (It’s no wonder people love us.)

Once we’ve explored our community, we either locate the guitar teacher in Melbourne suitable for you or we don’t. Bear in mind, if we don’t, that might change anytime due to the fact our community of professionals is growing. Never ever give up your music hopes and dreams!

3. This is why enquiring with us will give you even more

At Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, all you need to do is ENQUIRE with us to get a ton of fabulous stuff. That’s right, people don’t even have to be matched with a tutor. Any person who submits an enquiry with us for, let’s say guitar tutoring in Melbourne, gets the all-important links to the good stuff. These are:

Our suite of free music resources. This is a seriously helpful collection of tools for everyone studying guitar. The resources include everything from sheet music to metronomes. We also have music news blogs for students who wish to stay up to date with music headlines.

Our newsletter. The Stars & Catz Music Newsletter is a ton of goodness which will come to your inbox periodically. The newsletter keeps you informed with anything music-related we think you will find beneficial, along with loads of discounted offers and giveaways. We’re forever looking for cheap prices to help your guitar education and once we find them, we pass them on to you.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Will searching through Stars & Catz lead me to the TOP TEACHERS?

Stars & Catz isn’t an agency, it’s a network. We don’t acquire a commission from the on-going lesson payments you make to your music teacher; the tutor retains 100% of the payments. The outcome of this is that we have the best professionals in the network.

The truth is that successful, pro tutors will not join up with a company that makes their income by taking 20 to 30 % away from each tuition payment a student makes. Why would they? Because of the fact we don’t do it that way, they certainly join us.

That’s exactly why trying to find guitar instruction in Melbourne with Stars & Catz will definitely get you to the top professionals out there.

2. Do you cater for GENRE I wish to learn?

Perhaps you would like to master classical guitar or jazz guitar or maybe Flamenco guitar. Maybe you’re passionate about rock music or pop music or country. Whatever the case, we have tutors who will be able to meet your requirements. Simply tell us the styles and genres that you are fond of. Would it be the Baroque era? Or do you want to look into a given composer? We take all of that into account.

3. Do you carry out TUTOR SCREENING?

Not just anybody is able to join up with the Stars & Catz Network.

We screen for experience and relevant certification such as Degrees or Diplomas. So you can be confident, when we’re dealing with your search for guitar instruction in Melbourne we’re conversing with competent and proficient teachers solely.

4. Is it truly a COST FREE SERVICE?

In short, yes.

The specific understanding we have with the private guitar teachers and academies in our network allows us to spend time on your guitar tutoring in Melbourne enquiry while avoiding charging you.

You pay for tuition itself, we add nothing to the normal rates of the tutor and you also don’t pay out any finder’s charge or agency premium.

5. How OFTEN will the lessons be?

We are extremely flexible around the frequency of your lessons. If you need weekly guitar lessons or perhaps fortnightly tuition then we are able to help. Alternatively, you may want a more intensive program like attending twice a week when you have your summer holiday or another short period, this can also be accommodated.

6. May we study in a GROUP?

Our guitar instruction in Melbourne will cater to groups, however only if you presently have all of the group members. We don’t place students into pre-existing groups.

7. Can I buy a GIFT VOUCHER?

If you’re pondering tracking down guitar instruction in Melbourne as a present for a person, the fewest amount of lessons offered for a gift is 5.

8. What about tutoring for ADULT STUDENTS?

If you’re an adult, searching for guitar tutoring in Melbourne for yourself, we have got you covered. Stars & Catz music teachers are experienced in teaching adults.

9. Do you offer lessons for YOUNGSTERS?

Our teachers and academies are experts in guitar tuition for children. Seeing that kids learn in a different way to adults, you will want to know that the teacher you select possesses experience in teaching kids’ guitar lessons in Melbourne.

10. Can I SIT EXAMS through Stars & Catz?

A great number of students would love to undergo grading with one or another of the top examination boards.

We know which bodies our Melbourne teachers go for and will hold that in mind when we’re focusing on your enquiry for guitar lessons.

The most typical exam boards which our teachers offer include: AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and ANZCA.

11. HOW MUCH will the tutoring be?

The charges are different depending upon the particular school or private tutor we match you with. A guide range would be somewhere between $30 to $40 for 30 mins and $50 to $70 for 60 minutes.

You may restrict the cost as part of your criteria, and we can present you with an exact answer after concluding your search for guitar tutoring in Melbourne. So, if price is going to be a big factor and you are looking for an affordable tutor, just let us know your budget.

12. When are classes AVAILABLE?

In order to make life even easier for you, we turn this question the other way around. When are you available? Excellent, we’ll make certain that’s included in our search criteria when we’re doing work on your guitar classes in Melbourne search.

13. May I have a ONE-OFF LESSON?

Unfortunately, we are not able to perform our cost free matching process for guitar classes in Melbourne for you if you only require the single lesson only.

14. Do you have teachers for ADVANCED levels?

We get many advanced and even professional musicians utilising our matching process to determine the top guitar lessons in Melbourne for them.

We know which Stars & Catz teachers have the ability to take students to Diploma level and beyond and we also know the styles each of them are skilled in combined with their practical experience as music artists.

15. Can you cater for SPECIAL NEEDS?

A frequent question we receive regarding guitar instruction in Melbourne is whether or not there are tutors who are able to provide for special needs and learning difficulties.

The reply is yes, however we’d have to talk with our Melbourne music teachers on a case by case basis.

16. WHERE will the tuition take place?

That one we can’t answer until we’ve completed the matching process.

It might be that we have a matching music teacher in Melbourne, or else that a travelling tutor who’s just ideal for your criteria, comes to your area.

We can only say for certain by getting all of the information we will ask for to carry out your search for guitar tutoring in Melbourne.

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