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  • Ages 7+ from beginner to advanced
  • 30 mins from $30 and 1 hour from $50

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Why is our Gold Coast piano teacher matching service so great?

1. Cost free matching to the right piano teacher in Gold Coast

Putting you in touch with the correct piano teacher is super important to us. We put a lot of care and effort into locating the piano teacher who’s going to bring out the best in you.

2. Tuition designed for you

Whether you decide to study for grades with any of the major examination boards, or learn piano just for fun. Whether you want to specialise in reading music or prefer playing by ear, or even learn on a keyboard instead of a piano, your experienced Gold Coast piano tutor will personalise your lessons so that you’re learning exactly how you’d like to.

3. We handle all of the calling around for you

You don’t have to phone any tutors or wait and wonder if anyone will get back to you. Simply let us do the work for you and we’ll go through our matching process and then get back to you when we’ve found the teacher you’re looking for. We can then have them call in person.

4. Prefer home classes? No problems there

When you’ve got a keyboard or piano at home and that’s where you’d like to take your piano tuition, we will confine the search to peripatetic piano tutors who provide tuition in students’ homes.

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network has travelling piano tutors, as well as tutors who have prepared a studio. All the Gold Coast piano tutors within our network are knowledgeable, patient and have relevant qualifications, and those who offer in-home instruction are always in demand.

(Please note: occasionally, that high demand will mean that in-home tuition may not be possible.)

5. Registration costs and hidden fees? They do not happen

There’s nothing else to pay for other than your piano tutoring. No hidden fees—ever.

6. Long term contracts or obligations aren’t part of the manual

We promise no locking you in and no spine-chilling agreements. There is certainly enough of those going around already.

7. Have heaps of fun

Your experienced Gold Coast piano tutor will help you get great results, and make sure you’re having a great time as you go.

8. Master those pieces that you’ve always wanted to perform

Where did your first inspiration come from? That’s the best place to aim for, and your Gold Coast piano tutor will help you every bit of the way.

9. Go beyond depending upon sheet music

Consider having the ability to improvise, any place, anytime. Your piano instruction can assist you to train your ear, grow your skills and increase your self-confidence.

10. All of the teachers in our network are fantastic at spotting those bad habits

Even if you’re wanting informal keyboard tutoring instead of having your sights set on becoming a concert pianist, technique counts. Get it right from the start with a real, live tutor who can pinpoint any sort of small bad habits that could be appearing in your piano lessons. All the music instruction manuals or training videos around the world cannot ever compare with your own tailor-made Gold Coast piano tuition.

11. We offer tutors for all skill levels

We offer piano tutoring for beginners, intermediates and also advanced students.

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1. Our teaching standards

A lot of folks will probably think we are choosy. Other people, pernickety (which just happens to be one of our favourite words, would you believe). Our staff members don’t mind, mainly because it’s absolutely true.

Our team takes the process of matching students with Gold Coast piano tutors very seriously, and for that reason we demand a very high standard from every tutor offering piano in our network.

2. We get to know our teachers

The fact is, we’re people people. In other words, the type of people who genuinely like people. And we happen to be extra fond of Gold Coast piano teachers. We find them enthralling.

This is top news for you, since it tells you that we know all of the Gold Coast piano tutors in our network personally—and that makes it easy for us to match you with the piano teacher who is perfect for you.

We know all about the way the Gold Coast piano teachers in our network prefer to teach, where their inspiration originates, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful bits’n’bobs regarding what they’re about.

3. We get to know you too

As you can imagine, since we’re people people, we find out what you are about as well.

What piece stirs your heart and soul? Who do you most admire within the style of music you would like to perfect? How often do you want the Gold Coast piano classes and would you like to move through the grades or learn solely for fun?

All we have listed, plus more, will assist our staff in working out which teacher is ideal for you and your music requirements.

4. We follow up with you after the first lesson

So let the Gold Coast piano tutoring commence! The very first class is like a ‘getting to understand each other’ session between you and the tutor. We know a good rapport with the teacher is among the most vital aspects to fun and easy piano lessons.

The first class is often really fun, because you plan together what mountains you’re going to climb climb. After that, you are on track.

As part of the Stars & Catz service, we will make contact with you following the first of your piano classes to inquire about how it has gone. If your Gold Coast piano tuition wasn’t what you had expected, we’ll do everything we can to resolve any problems without delay, to make sure you’re keeping moving on the journey to utter piano mastery!

More information about Stars & Catz

1. Why we’re the experts

Here at Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, we look after tons of tutor matching. Our team speak to a large amount of students and we chat with lots of tutors. Every single communication and interaction is valuable to us, given that it allows us to know very well what students and teachers really need. That’s exactly how we’ve arrived at our free matching service, which supports countless students find the teacher they are in need of.

Here’s the ins and outs: if, for example, you’re wanting to find a classical piano course in Gold Coast. You make contact with our team, let us know the particular kind of teacher or academy you’re after, and then we set about doing the boring legwork on your behalf, cost free. We carefully work through our broad network of top piano tutors and schools servicing Gold Coast until we find a piano teacher who ideally matches your needs. You tell us if you’d prefer local studio or home lessons (when possible), and when you’d prefer the tuition to be, then leave it with our expert staff.

We’ll get back in contact with you with the results of our search for piano teachers in Gold Coast within the promised length of time. And remember, our tutor matching services are carried out for free, so that all you ever pay for would be your lessons themselves—no agency service fees, commissions, nothing.

2. What’s the advantage for you?

Almost everything, actually. At very least, you’ll have a likeable discussion with a completely delightful person who seeks piano tutors for you, at no cost. If we don’t happen to discover a tutor who suits your preferences, you’ve had a good experience and you haven’t paid anything for the assistance. Or, if we DO locate the tutor you’re hunting for, you start on the musical journey you’ve always dreamed about and you pay only for the piano coaching. No agency premiums, no commission fees, zilch.

How can you start the ball rolling? Like this: you make contact with our team and inform us of just what you’re in search of, one example is classical piano lessons in Gold Coast. Give to us as much depth as you’re able to, such as if you’d choose in-home lessons or are happy to go to a teacher’s studio. Ensure that you let us know when you are available as well. Then we check our comprehensive network of piano tutors and search for an available teacher who fits your requirements. No problem.

You have nothing to lose! Now remove the stops, connect with your biggest musical dreams, and we’ll assist you to put the aspirations into action!

3. Here’s why enquiring with us gives you even more

At Stars & Catz, all you need to do is ENQUIRE with us to get a ton of great stuff. That’s correct, you don’t even have to be matched up with a teacher. Anyone who submits an enquiry with us for, let’s say piano tutoring in Gold Coast, can get the all-important links for the goodies. Here they are:

Our suite of free music resources. It is a mega helpful collection of tools for any individual studying piano. The resources include everything from sheet music to metronomes. We also have music news blogs for people who wish to stay current with music news reports.

Our newsletter. The Stars & Catz Music Newsletter is really a blast of goodness that will hit your inbox periodically. The newsletter helps to keep you in the loop with everything music-related we feel you’ll find appealing, along with tons of markdown offers and free stuff. We are constantly seeking cheap prices to help your piano education then when we find them, we pass them on to you.

Frequently asked questions

1. Will searching via Stars & Catz lead me to the IDEAL TEACHERS?

Stars & Catz is actually not an agency, it’s a network. We do not demand a commission from the on-going lesson payments you make to a teacher; the teacher gets 100% of the fees. The effect of this is that we have the top teachers in our network.

The truth is that successful, top quality music teachers are not going to become a part of a company that makes their money by taking 20 to 30 % away from every single lesson payment a student makes. Why in the world would they? Since we don’t arrange things like that, they actually do join us.

That’s the reason why seeking out piano instruction in Gold Coast via Stars & Catz would certainly lead you to the highest quality professionals in the industry.

2. Do you offer the STYLE that I really want to master?

If you want to master classical piano or jazz piano or perhaps rock piano, we have teachers who will be ready to provide for your needs. Simply inform us of the styles and genres that you love. Would it be the Baroque period? Or do you wish to target a certain music composer? We take all that into consideration.

3. Do you carry out TUTOR SCREENING?

Not just anybody is able to join up with the Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network.

We screen for experience and relevant credentials such as Degrees or Diplomas. So you can feel safe, when we’re handling your search for piano classes in Gold Coast we’re contacting knowledgeable and professional music teachers exclusively.

4. Is it really a FREE SERVICE?

In a word, yes.

The specific agreement we’ve got with the private piano teachers and schools in our community allows us to spend time on your piano tutoring in Gold Coast enquiry without the need for charging you.

You pay only for tuition itself, we add absolutely nothing to the regular prices of the music teacher and you don’t pay out any kind of finder’s charge or agency service charge.

5. How OFTEN will the lessons end up being?

We’re very flexible on the regularity of the classes. If you need weekly piano classes or perhaps fortnightly tutoring then we can help. On the other hand, you might want a more intensive program like learning twice a week while you have the summer holiday or another short period, this can also be accommodated.

6. May we study in a GROUP?

Our piano lessons in Gold Coast can easily accommodate groups, although only if you presently have all of the group members. We do not place students into pre-existing groups.

7. Can I buy a GIFT VOUCHER?

If you’re thinking of searching for piano tuition in Gold Coast as a present for someone, the fewest amount of lessons available for a present is five.

8. Do you provide adult tuition?

If you are an adult, seeking piano tutoring in Gold Coast for yourself, we have you covered. Our professionals are skilled in instructing adults.

9. Do you provide tuition for YOUNGSTERS?

Our tutors and academies are experts in piano tuition for children. Seeing that youngsters learn differently to adults, you will want to know that the tutor you select has got experience in teaching kids’ piano lessons in Gold Coast.

10. Can I DO EXAMS with Stars & Catz?

Many students plan to undertake the grades through one or another of the leading examination boards.

We’re aware of which particular associations our Gold Coast teachers go for and will keep that in mind when we’re working with your enquiry for piano tutoring.

The most typical assessment boards which our educators offer include: AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and ANZCA.

11. HOW MUCH will the lessons cost?

The charges can vary subject to the particular school or private teacher we match you with. A guide range will be anywhere within $30 to $40 for 30 minutes and $50 to $70 for 60 minutes.

You may control the cost as a part of your guidelines, and we’re able to present you with a specific answer upon concluding your search for piano tutoring in Gold Coast. So, in cases where cost is going to be a big issue and you’re looking for an affordable tutor, just let us know your budget.

12. When are lessons AVAILABLE?

In order to make life that much easier for you, we flip this question around. When are you available? Great, we’ll be certain that’s included in our factors when we’re working on your piano classes in Gold Coast search.

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