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Why hunt for Ipswich piano tutoring with Stars & Catz?

1. FREE tutor matching

Getting your Ipswich piano tuition away to an ideal start is very important to us. Our staff will put expert attention and care into choosing the best Ipswich piano classes for you, in line with the criteria that you provide.

2. Tuition tailor-made for your needs

Whether you choose to study for grades with any of the major examination boards, or learn piano just for the fun of it. Whether you want to specialise in reading music or playing by ear, or even learn on a keyboard instead of a piano, your experienced Ipswich piano tutor will create personalised lessons for you so that you’re learning exactly the way you’d like to.

3. We eliminate all the phone calls for you

You don’t have to browse through unending piano tuition web directories or wait around for tutors to return your voice messages. Just leave it all to our team and we will proceed through our matching method and inform you when we have found the teacher you are looking for. We can then have the tutor call you in person.

4. Rather learn at home? No trouble at all

When you’ve got a keyboard or piano at home and that is where you’d like to have piano tuition, we will confine our search to peripatetic piano tutors who provide tuition in students’ houses.

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network includes travelling piano tutors, plus tutors who have designed a teaching space. All the Ipswich piano teachers in the network are skilled, patient and have relevant qualifications, and those that provide in-home classes are always in high demand.

(Note: occasionally, this high demand means that in-home lessons may be unavailable.)

5. Hidden fees and registration costs? There aren’t any

There’s nothing else to pay for other than your piano tutoring. No fees—ever.

6. Nasty agreements or obligations aren’t part of the Stars & Catz manual

We guarantee no lock-ins in and no frightening agreements. There are actually enough of those in the world already.

7. Have a lot of fun

Your expert tutor can help you get the results you’re looking for easily, and make sure your Ipswich piano lessons are a lot of fun.

8. Learn the songs that you’ve always wanted to perform

Exactly where did your desire originally come from? That is an ideal destination to go for, and your Ipswich piano tuition can be centred on reaching that.

9. Be able to to improvise

Keen to be able to improvise anytime, anywhere? Your piano teacher will help you train your ear, increase your practical knowledge and build your confidence.

10. All of the tutors within our network are wonderful at picking out those bad habits

Even if you are after informal keyboard lessons instead of having your sights set on pursuing a career as concert pianist, technique is important. Nip any problems in the bud with a real, live teacher who can spot any sneaky bad habits that may be emerging in your piano lessons. All the ‘how-to’ books or videos on the planet cannot compare with the focussed attention of your experienced Ipswich piano tutor.

11. We offer tuition for any skill level

Whether you are looking for beginners, intermediate or advanced level piano tuition we will be able to aid you.

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Read more about our matching service

1. Our teaching standards

Some folk may very well say we are choosy. Other folks, pernickety (which just happens to be one of our best loved words, would you believe). Our staff members don’t mind, mainly because it’s the honest truth.

Everyone here at Stars & Catz HQ takes the job of matching students with Ipswich piano classes very seriously, for that reason we require an incredibly high standard from each tutor offering piano through our network.

2. We know our tutors

The truth is, we’re people people. You know, the sort of individuals who honestly like people. Coupled with that, we’re obsessed with everybody receiving the right Ipswich piano tuition for their specific needs.

This is marvellous news for you, as it tells you that we understand which Ipswich piano tutors would be ideal for you and which teachers to contact regarding your piano classes first.

At Stars & Catz HQ, we know which genres and styles each teacher provides during their Ipswich piano tutoring, what types of things inspire them, coupled with all kinds of other curious particulars on the way they work.

3. We get to know you

And because we’re people people, we absolutely make sure that we understand you too.

What type of music gives you goose bumps? If you could sing or play one song in front of millions, what would it be? How frequently would you like your Ipswich piano lessons and would you like to learn for examinations or for the simple pleasure of having fun?

All that we’ve mentioned, and more, will help us figure out which teacher is absolutely right for you and your learning goals.

4. We touch base with you after the first lesson

Let the the Ipswich piano lessons start! Your first class is somewhat like a small ‘let’s get to know each other’ meeting between you and your tutor. It’s very exhilarating, as you decide together what you’d like to achieve. From then on, you’re off and running.

As part of the service, we’ll make contact with you after your first lesson to discover how the whole thing went. If you discover that your first Ipswich piano lesson is not what you were imagining, we’ll do our very best to resolve any difficulties as promptly as possible, so that you lose no momentum on your journey to complete piano perfection!

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More information about Stars & Catz

1. We will find a piano tutor for you for FREE

At Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, the mission is to enable students to succeed in their music ambitions. So if you are searching for piano lessons Ipswich we have a matching service designed to connect you with the best option for you.

Initially, you let us know which type of tutor or academy you’re on the search for. For instance, classical piano lessons Ipswich. Secondly, we look after all the legwork on your behalf, without cost. This means delving into our network of skilled pros to find a teacher for your classical piano lessons in Ipswich. You tell us your availability, as well as whether you’d really like studio room or in-home tuition (where available).

When our staff have discovered your teacher, you go ahead with the piano course and only spend money on the actual tuition. There are no agency costs or other commission fees to pay. Convenient? Totally. We have got Ipswich covered so if it’s piano education you are looking for, our cost-free matching services can get you off on the right foot within days. Or, if we do not locate a match to your individual specifications, know that the Stars & Catz network of teachers and schools is always evolving and extending, as tutors modify their available lesson slots and new ones register.

2. What’s the benefit to you?

Pretty much everything, really. At very least, you’re going to have a nice interaction with a totally delightful person who seeks piano tutors for your requirements, 100% free. If we don’t happen to find a music teacher who suits your preferences, you’ve had a very good experience and you haven’t paid out anything for the service. On the flip side, if we DO locate the teacher you’re wanting to find, you commence the musical journey you’ve always dreamed about and you only pay for the actual piano coaching. No agency charges, no commission payments, not anything.

So how do we get the proverbial ball rolling? Here’s how: you get in contact with us and let us know just what you’re interested in, for instance classical piano lessons in Ipswich. Provide us with as much detail as you’re able to, such as if you’d select at-home lessons or are happy to travel to a tutor’s studio. Make certain you inform us of when you are available as well. Then we make use of our considerable community of piano teachers and search for an available teacher who matches your needs. Really easy.

You have nothing to lose! Now remove the stops, make contact with your biggest musical dreams, and we’ll assist you to put the dreams into action!

3. How would you like something for nothing?

An enquiry with us is all you need. We don’t even have to be successful in our hunt for piano tuition in Ipswich for you to gain a pile of amazing freebies!

It starts with our suite of free music resources and tools, a mega online resource for students. If you’re a student of music, our resource page contains useful things just for you. Resources vary from convenient sheet music to inspiring music videos and interviews with the world’s leading musicians. There are tools and free downloads for the piano education plus blogs with all the most recent music news reports both locally and from around the globe.

In addition to the tool suite, we also send out an e-newsletter now and then. Subscribe and investigate for yourself, only the most useful stuff from our music news blog and the internet is put in. The newsletter will be loaded with interesting newsy sections not to mention excellent discounts and giveaways. We’re endlessly on the lookout for cheap prices for piano students then when we discover them, we pass them on to you. So essentially, you don’t need to do a lot to receive a ton of great music support from Stars & Catz. Happy playing!

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1. Will searching through Stars & Catz take me to the TOP TEACHERS?

Stars & Catz isn’t an agency, it’s a network. We don’t acquire a fee from the continuing lesson payments you make to a music teacher; the music teacher retains 100% of those payments. The end result of this is that we have the highest quality tutors within our network.

The simple fact is that successful, pro teachers will not register with an agency that makes their income by removing 20 or 30 % out of each and every lesson payment that a student makes. And why would they? Due to the fact we don’t do it that way, they do connect with us.

That’s why researching piano instruction in Ipswich through Stars & Catz does indeed bring you the best possible professionals available.

2. Do you cater for STYLE that I really want to study?

Perhaps you wish to master classical piano or jazz piano or maybe even rock piano, we have instructors who will be ready to provide for your needs. Just simply inform us of the styles and genres that you are attracted to. Is it the Baroque era? Or might you want to pay attention to a certain composer? We take all of that into consideration.


Not just anybody is able to join up with the Stars & Catz Network.

We screen for practical experience and relevant qualifications such as Degrees or Diplomas. So you can rest assured, when we’re working on your search for piano lessons in Ipswich we’re speaking with seasoned and proficient music teachers only.

4. Is it truly a FREE SERVICE?

In short, yes.

The special agreement we’ve got with all the private piano teachers and schools in our network allows us to spend time on your piano classes in Ipswich enquiry without ever billing you.

You only pay for lessons, we add nothing to the ordinary prices of the tutor and you don’t pay any kind of finder’s charge or agency premium.

5. How OFTEN will the lessons end up being?

We are very flexible on the regularity of the tuition. If you want weekly piano lessons or perhaps fortnightly tutoring then we can help. Alternatively, you might want a more intensive course such as learning twice a week when you have your summer holiday or another short period, this can also be accommodated.

6. May we learn in a GROUP?

Our piano tutoring in Ipswich can certainly cater to groups, however only if you presently have all the group members. We don’t place students into pre-existing groups.

7. Can I buy a GIFT VOUCHER?

If you’re thinking of tracking down piano tuition in Ipswich as a gift for a person, the fewest number of lessons available for a present is 5.

8. Do you offer adult learning?

If you are an adult, after piano classes in Ipswich for yourself, we have you covered. Our professionals are experienced in teaching adults.

9. Do you offer tutoring for YOUNGSTERS?

Our tutors and music schools are experts in piano classes for children. Since youngsters learn in a different way to adults, you will need to know that the tutor you decide on has experience in providing kids’ piano lessons in Ipswich.

10. Can I SIT EXAMINATIONS through Stars & Catz?

A large number of students wish to go through grades through one or another of the popular examination boards.

We’re aware of which specific boards our Ipswich teachers opt for and will have that in mind when we’re working on your enquiry for piano lessons.

The most common examination boards which our educators offer include: AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and ANZCA.

11. HOW MUCH will the tuition cost?

The charges are different depending on the individual school or private tutor we match you with. A guide range would be somewhere between $30 to $40 for 30 mins and $50 to $70 for one hour.

You’ll be able to limit the cost as a part of your guidelines, and we’re able to provide a specific answer right after ending your search for piano lessons in Ipswich. Therefore, if cost is a significant consideration and you are trying to find an affordable tutor, just let us know your budget.

12. What days and times are classes AVAILABLE?

To make life that much easier for you, we turn this question around. When are you free? Excellent, we’ll make sure that’s included in our search criteria when we’re working on your piano classes in Ipswich search.

13. Can I book a ONE-OFF LESSON?

Regrettably, we’re unable to perform our free matching process for piano tutoring in Ipswich for you if you purely want the one session.

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