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  • 30 mins from $30 and 1 hour from $50

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Ever wondered what makes our Adelaide voice teacher matching service so popular?

1. FREE teacher matching

Pairing you up with the correct Adelaide voice teacher is something we put a lot of thought into. We put loads of care and effort into locating the singing teacher who’s going to bring out the best in you.

2. Vocal tuition custom-made to you.

Each student is different, which is just the reason why our experienced Adelaide singing teachers create tailor-made lesson plans for every person they teach. For example, you may be wanting to read music with your singing. Or, maybe you’d rather put your attention on the practical side of learning to use your voice. No matter what your interests may be, your vocal teacher will be with you the whole way, carefully guiding you through the techniques that are necessary for the styles or genre you fancy the most.

3. We will do the legwork for you

You won’t need to call any tutors or wait for anyone to return your calls. Simply leave it all up to us and we’ll let you know when we have found the tutor you are looking for. We’ll then have them phone you personally.

4. In-home or studio lessons

When you have a music room in your house and that’s where you would enjoy having singing tuition, we’ll limit our search to peripatetic singing tutors who provide tuition in students’ homes.

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network provides travelling voice tutors, as well as those who have designed their very own studio room. All of the Adelaide vocal teachers in the network are experienced, patient and understanding, and those that offer in-home tuition are forever in demand.

(Note: occasionally, that popularity will mean that home tuition may not be available.)

5. Sneaky charges and concealed fees? They simply do not exist

There is not a thing more to pay for other than your voice tutoring. Zero extra fees—ever.

6. Binding contracts or obligations are not in our vocabulary

We promise no locking you in and no last second contracts. There are certainly enough of those going around as it is.

7. Train your voice

Achieve an effortless singing posture, by using scales for your vocal chords.

Explore your voice’s true range, from the stirring heights to the warm depths.

8. Use breathing correctly

Learn about the things to do and the things not to do when it comes to singing breathing. You’ve probably been told that breathing is crucial for vocals, but what is it? You can rely on covering correct breathing control in the Adelaide voice classes.

9. Train your ear

Train your ear and learn how to achieve perfect pitch.

10. Practical theory

Understand musical keys, scales and phrasing techniques.

11. Achieve full connection

Achieve great flow and connection across your singing voice.

12. Have heaps of fun

Your experienced coach can help you get the results you’d like easily, and make certain your Adelaide voice classes are a lot of fun.

13. Study the songs that you’ve always wanted to play

Exactly where did your inspiration actually come from? That is a perfect place to go for, and your singing tuition can be focused on achieving that.

14. No longer need to rely on sheet music

Imagine being able to jam, anywhere, at any time. Your Adelaide vocal tutoring will enable you to train your ear, extend your understanding and boost your self-confidence.

15. All of the teachers within our network are excellent at recognizing any bad habits

Nip any problems in the bud with a real, live teacher who can identify any pesky bad habits that may be emerging in your voice lessons. All the ‘how-to’ books or videos on the planet cannot compare with the focussed attention of your experienced vocal coach.

16. We offer courses for all levels

Whether you are looking for beginners, intermediate or advanced level vocal tutors we will be able to aid you.

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Vocal Coach Adelaide: Matching You

1. Our teaching standards

Some people might possibly claim we’re choosy. Others, pernickety (which actually is one of our favourite words, would you believe). We don’t mind, on the grounds that it’s one hundred percent true.

Our team takes the job of matching students to Adelaide vocal teachers incredibly seriously, as a consequence we demand a particularly high standard from every last voice coach in the Stars & Catz network.

2. We know our tutors

To tell it like it is, we’re people people. In other words, the type of people who genuinely like people. And we’re excessively fond of Adelaide vocal tutors. We find them mesmerizing.

This is super news for you, because it means that we know each and every one of the Adelaide voice teachers in our network personally—and that helps us connect you to the voice tutor who would work with you best.

We’re well versed on the way the Adelaide vocal tutors in our network prefer to teach, where there inspiration comes from, plus all sorts of other interesting trivia regarding the way they work.

3. We find out about you too

Obviously, since we’re people people, we find out what you are about too.

What pieces stirs your heart and soul? Who do you most like inside the style of music you intend to learn? How frequent would you like the Adelaide voice instruction and would you like to sit the grades or study solely for fun?

Everything we have outlined, plus more, will assist our team in determining which teacher is the best for your music wishes.

4. We touch base with you after the first lesson

And now the Adelaide voice lessons begin! Class one is kind of like a little ‘getting to know you’ meeting between you and your tutor. It’s always particularly exciting, as you plan out together what you’d like to pull off. Following that, you’re on your way.

As part of the Stars & Catz service, we’ll make contact with you after your initial lesson to discover how the whole thing went. If you find that your first Adelaide voice lesson is not what you were anticipating, we’ll do our very best to ‘make right’ any difficulties as rapidly as possible, so that you keep things rolling on your road to complete vocal genius!

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More information about Stars & Catz

1. We’ll locate a voice teacher for you for FREE

Here at Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network, it’s our mission to aid people to achieve their music dreams. Therefore if you are searching for singing lessons Adelaide we have a matching service developed to connect you up with the best choice for your requirements.

Firstly, you tell us what kind of teacher or academy you’re on the search for. For instance, classical voice lessons Adelaide. Next, we look after all the groundwork on your behalf, absolutely free. This means digging into our network of skilful professionals to find a teacher for your classical singing lessons in Adelaide. You forward us your availability, along with whether you would like studio or at-home lessons (where available).

As soon as we’ve found your teacher, you proceed with your singing course and only cover the cost of the tuition. There aren’t any agency costs or any other commissions to cover. Uncomplicated? Oh yes. We have Adelaide covered so if it’s vocal education you are looking for, our totally free matching services can get you off to the best possible start without delay. Or, if we can’t locate a match to your specific requirements, be assured that our community of music teachers and schools is always evolving and widening, as tutors revise their availability and new ones come on board.

2. Why smart people contact us first of all

Smart folks generally have much better things to attend to than to read through pages and pages of search results trying to find vocal coaching. Or leave endless voice messages on answering machines, hoping that one—at least one!—person actually phones back in return. At Stars & Catz, we do the legwork on your behalf, this is why vocal students and parents of vocal students simply adore our services.

By way of example, let’s say you’re looking to find classical voice lessons in Adelaide. You’re busy and you don’t have enough time to phone a lot of people, much less research their numbers! The Stars & Catz teacher matching services are absolutely free, and to give you an idea of exactly why shrewd people contact us initially, here’s the ins and outs:

You get in touch and let us know what you’re hunting for (singing lessons in Adelaide). We get all of your details, including if you’d like the student to receive in-home tuition or visit a teacher’s studio, plus the student’s (or your) availability. Only then do we browse our comprehensive community of top vocal teachers in Adelaide to locate the one you’re trying to find.

It’s as simple as that! You don’t spend on the service, all you cover the cost of will be the tuition. There won’t be agency expenses and zero commission. And, if for whatever reason we don’t locate an available teacher who fulfils your requirements, know that our network is constantly expanding and changing, so a new teacher could become free any time.

Don’t forget, we’ve got Adelaide covered so if you’re trying to find the best vocal classes, you’ll save lots of time and effort if you phone us first of all!

3. Our follow-up, Suite of Music Tools and Newsletter

At Stars & Catz, our mission is to have you happily matched with the right singing teacher in Adelaide. That’s the reason we contact each one of our students following the very first lesson, to make certain it went well. If you’re satisfied and wish to continue with the music education with the tutor or academy, we do the right thing by both you and them by getting out of the way. Our matching services are about creating successful introductions, then leaving you and your singing tutor in Adelaide to it.

We also have a powerful, free online resource suite for all our students and anybody who sends in an enquiry with us. It’s a collection of all sorts of support materials for students. This consists of everything from interactive tools to free training videos, the most recent music news, interviews and much more. It’s a place for you to gain the tools you might need for your vocal tuition, stay current with the music world and just generally soak up all that you need, to have you motivated.

Next there’s our Stars & Catz Music Newsletter. This is an email blast of the freshest news reports, specials and freebies that relate to anyone who is learning an instrument (and we also count your voice as a musical instrument!) It’s really one not to be missed since we’re forever hunting for cheap deals for students—and once we find them, we pass them on to you. It’s also an additional way to keep on being stimulated for your singing tuition in Adelaide.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Will searching through Stars & Catz lead me to the BEST TEACHERS?

Stars & Catz is not an agency, it’s a network. We don’t receive a fee from the regular lesson payments you make to the teacher; the tutor will keep 100% of the payments. The result of this is that we have the absolute best teachers in the community.

The simple fact is that successful, seasoned teachers won’t register with an agency that makes their money through taking 20 to 30 % out of any tuition payment that a student makes. Why on Earth would they? Due to the fact that we don’t demand this, they actually do join us.

That’s precisely why researching voice instruction in Adelaide with Stars & Catz really does bring you the very best professionals in the field.

2. Do you cater for GENRE I wish to study?

Maybe you want to master classical voice or jazz voice or perhaps opera voice. Perhaps rock music, pop music or country is your thing. Whatever the case, we have tutors who will be able to cater to your preferences. Just inform us of the styles and genres that you are fond of. Is it the Baroque period? Or might you wish to give attention to a given composer? We take all that into account.


Not just anybody is able to join up with the Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network.

We screen for practical experience and relevant accreditation such as Degrees or Diplomas. So you can rest assured, when we’re dealing with your search for singing tuition in Adelaide we’re dealing with competent and professional music teachers only.

4. Is it genuinely a COST FREE SERVICE?

In a word, yes.

The special set up we have with the private vocal teachers and academies in our network allows us to devote time to your vocal classes in Adelaide enquiry while not charging you.

You pay only for lessons themselves, we add absolutely nothing on to the ordinary prices of the tutor and you don’t pay a finder’s charge or agency premium.

5. How OFTEN will the lessons end up being?

We’re very flexible around the regularity of your classes. If you would like weekly voice lessons or fortnightly tuition then we can help. On the other hand, you may want a more intensive program like tuition twice a week while you have your summer holiday or another short period, this can also be accommodated.

6. Can we study in a GROUP?

Our singing classes in Adelaide can cater for groups, although only if you already have the group members. We don’t place students into pre-existing groups.

7. Can I buy a GIFT VOUCHER?

If you’re thinking about tracking down singing tutoring in Adelaide as a gift for someone, the fewest number of lessons available for a present is 5.

8. Do you provide adult tuition?

If you’re an adult, looking to find vocal classes in Adelaide for yourself, we have you covered. Our teachers are expert in teaching adults.

9. Do you provide lessons for KIDS?

Our teachers and music academies are experts in vocal lessons for children. Seeing that kids learn in different ways to adults, you will need to know that the tutor you choose possesses experience in teaching kids’ singing lessons in Adelaide.

10. Can I SIT EXAMINATIONS through Stars & Catz?

A great many students wish to run through grades with one or another of the main examination bodies.

We know exactly which bodies our Adelaide music teachers give preference to and will hold that in mind when we’re working on your enquiry for voice tuition.

The most common assessment boards which our teachers offer include: AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and ANZCA.

11. HOW MUCH will the classes be?

The fees differ with regards to the particular school or private tutor we match you with. A guide range will be anywhere between $30 to $40 for 30 minutes and $50 to $70 for 1 hour.

You may restrict the cost as a part of your search criteria, and we are able to supply a specific answer after ending your search for vocal tutoring in Adelaide. So, in cases where cost may be a significant factor and you are looking for an affordable tutor, just let us know your budget.

More about our locations and instruments

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