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Why hunt for Perth voice lessons by using Stars & Catz?

1. FREE matching to the right singing teacher in Perth!

Lining you up with the correct Perth voice teacher is incredibly important to us. We put a stack of care and attention into finding the voice teacher who’s going to bring out the mastery you never knew you had.

2. Tuition tailored to you.

Each student is unique, which is the reason why our experienced Perth singing teachers put together tailor-made tuition for every student they teach. For instance, you could be keen to sing and read music too. Or, perhaps you’re more interested in the practical side of using your voice. Regardless of what your interests may be, your voice teacher will be at your side all along the way, expertly guiding you through the techniques that are appropriate for the genre or styles you’re most keen on.

3. We’ll handle the legwork and chasing tutors for you

You do not need to search through countless singing tuition listings or wait for teachers to return your voice messages. Just leave it all to Stars & Catz and we’ll proceed through our matching process then inform you when we have found the teacher you want. We’ll then have the teacher phone you in person.

4. Prefer to learn at home? No problem

When you have a perfect music place at your home and that is where you’d enjoy having vocal tuition, we will restrict our search to peripatetic vocal tutors who offer tuition in students’ homes.

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network contains travelling singing teachers, in addition to tutors who have created their own studio room. All of the Perth voice teachers within our network are experienced, patient and understanding, and those who offer in-home tuition are always in high demand.

(Note: now and then, this high demand means that in-home lessons may not be possible.)

5. No agency fees—ever

There is absolutely nothing more to cover beyond your voice tutoring. Absolutely no extra fees—ever.

6. No contracts

We promise no locking you in and no frightening contracts. There’s enough of those in the world already.

7. Train your voice

Explore your voice range, from your soaring heights to your richer lows.

The majority of people will not ever know just what their own singing voice sounds like, never mind the amount of potential they have got. Your Perth vocal classes can throw open a totally new world to you.

8. Use breathing correctly

Discover what to do and just what not to do when it comes to breath support. You’ve read that breath is necessary for vocals, but what is it? You can count on covering breath control in the Perth singing classes.

9. Connect your ear and your voice

Train your ear and be able to sing at perfect pitch.

10. Learn practical theory

Understand music keys, scales and vowel phrasing.

A little theory tuition can go a long way for a singer.

11. Attain full connection

Master consistency and connection across your complete range.

12. Have oodles of fun

Your knowledgeable teacher will assist you to get the results you want quickly, and ensure your Perth vocal classes are tons of fun.

13. Learn the pieces that you’ve always wanted to perform

Exactly where did your determination originally come from? That’s an ideal destination to strive for, and your voice tuition will be centred on reaching that.

14. Learn to improvise

How would you like to be able to improvise anywhere, anytime? Your Perth voice teacher will help you train your ear, increase your practical knowledge and grow in confidence.

15. Correct technique

Nip any problems in the bud with a real, live tutor who can spot any bad habits that may be sneaking in in your vocal lessons. All the ‘how-to’ books or videos in the world cannot compare with the full attention of your experienced singing coach.

16. All levels are catered for

We offer voice instruction for beginners, intermediates and also advanced students.

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Vocal Coach Perth: Matching You

1. Our teaching standards

A lot of people may very well tell you we’re picky. Other folks, pernickety (that just happens to be one of our favourite words, would you believe). We don’t mind, let’s face it, it’s actually true.

The Stars & Catz team takes the role of matching students to Perth singing tutors very seriously, as a consequence we require an incredibly high standard from every last voice coach through our network.

2. We know our tutors

The truth is, we are people people. You know, the sort of individuals who undeniably like people. Together with that, we’re passionate about everyone getting the right Perth singing tuition for their particular needs.

This is terrific news for you, as it tells you that we understand which Perth voice tutors will be ideal for you and also which teachers get in touch with regarding your vocal lessons first. At Stars & Catz, we know exactly what genres and methods each coach offers as part of their Perth voice tutoring, what kinds of music motivate them, as well as a myriad of other little intricacies about the way they work.

3. We find out about you too

Now, because we really are people people, we definitely ensure that we get to know what you’re about, too.

What music stirs your soul? What artist would you skip your sister’s wedding to go and see? How often would you prefer your Perth vocal lessons and would you be interested in learning for examinations or simply for fun?

Every one of these things, and much more, will help us locate which tutor is absolutely right for you and your music needs.

4. We follow up after your first lesson

And now the Perth vocal lessons begin! The initial class is a almost like a little ‘let’s get to know each other’ moment between you and your teacher. It’s known to be very thrilling, as you decide together what you’d like to conquer. From then on, you’re well on the road.

As part of the service, we’ll make contact with you after your first lesson to find out how the whole thing went. If you find that your initial Perth vocal lesson is not what you were imagining, we’ll do everything in our power to resolve any challenges as fast as possible, so that you lose no momentum on your road to complete vocal stardom!

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More information about Stars & Catz

1. How does Stars & Catz work?

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network is a countrywide community of experienced music teachers and music schools, supported by a small team of people who are dedicated to matching students with teachers. Our tutor matching is at the very core of what it is that we do and the best part, for you, is the fact it’s 100% free.

It works this way: you get in contact and tell us the things you’re wanting to find. As an example, a classical singing course in Perth. Perfect. That provides us with a great place to start. You then tell us additional factors, such as if you’d like studio or at-home lessons (where possible) and when you’re available.

We then diligently review our network of top vocal teachers servicing Perth, with your specifications in mind. You want to learn voice and, hypothetically, you’re available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the morning, and prepared to travel to a nearby studio room. With all this info, a member of our staff will go on and carry out our free teacher matching service.

If we do find a vocal tutor in Perth who matches your criteria, fantastic. You start learning and just spend money on your lessons—no agency service fees or commission added in. If, somehow, we’re not able to match you with a music teacher, be assured that our network is always evolving and building which means that your vocal teacher in Perth may well be joining Stars & Catz any day.

2. Here’s why everyone loves us

What can we say? We work with lots of happy individuals. Because our teacher matching services are entirely free, people are thankful for our support even if we don’t happen to uncover the tutor they’re on the search for. And if we do, doubly pleased. We find that people like easy, straightforward things, and that’s what our free vocal teacher matching services are exactly about.

Here’s how it works: initially, you make contact and let us know what exactly you’re trying to find. As an example, classical vocal coaching in Perth. Be sure you let us know when you’re free, and whether you’d pick home tuition or are happy to go to a tutor’s teaching address. Only then do we swing into action, browsing our considerable network of classical singing teachers in Perth to find the teacher you’re trying to find.

Keep in mind, the service is at no cost. The only thing you cover would be the lessons themselves. There are not any inflated rates to hide agency service fees, commission rates or anything at all like that. (No surprise people love us.)

Once we’ve explored our community, we either identify the voice teacher in Perth to suit your needs or else we don’t. Of course, if we don’t, that might change anytime since our community of schools and tutors is constantly growing. Do not quit on your music aspirations!

3. Why enquiring with us offers you even more

At Stars & Catz, all you need do is ENQUIRE with us to get a lot of brilliant stuff. That’s correct, people don’t even have to be matched up with a music teacher. Any person who submits an enquiry with us for, let’s say voice tutoring in Perth, receives the all-important links for the goodies. These are:

Our suite of free music resources. It is a massively helpful collection of tools for anyone who is studying voice. The resources include everything from sheet music to metronomes. We also have music news blogs for people who wish to stay up-to-date with music news.

Our newsletter. The Stars & Catz Music Newsletter is a blast of goodness that will go to your inbox periodically. It will help keep you in the loop with everything music-related we feel you may find appealing, together with tons of price cut promotions and freebies. We’re continually hunting for cheap deals to aid your voice education and once we discover them, we pass them on to you.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Will searching via Stars & Catz lead me to the BEST TEACHERS?

Stars & Catz isn’t an agency, it’s a network. We don’t charge a commission from the on-going lesson payments you make to a tutor; the tutor gets 100% of those fees. The outcome of this is we have the best tutors within our community.

The truth is that prospering, professional tutors won’t join up with a company which makes their income by taking 20 or 30 % from each and every lesson payment a student makes. Why in the world would they? Because of the fact we don’t demand this, they certainly do register with us.

That’s exactly why searching for singing instruction in Perth via Stars & Catz does indeed lead you to the very best professionals available.

2. Do you offer the GENRE I want to study?

Maybe you aspire to master classical singing or jazz singing or perhaps even opera vocals. Perhaps rock music, pop music or country is your thing. Whatever the case, we have teachers who will be ready to serve your preferences. Just simply inform us of the styles and genres that you cherish. Is it the Baroque era? Or do you prefer to put emphasis on a given music composer? We take all of that under consideration.

3. Do you do coach SCREENING?

Not just anyone is able to join up with the Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network.

We screen for practical experience and relevant certificates such as Degrees or Diplomas. So you can rest assured, when we’re handling your search for vocal tutoring in Perth we’re contacting seasoned and proficient music teachers only.

4. Is it really a COST FREE SERVICE?

In short, yes.

The specific understanding we’ve got with all the private voice teachers and academies in our network allows us to work on your singing classes in Perth enquiry without the need for charging you.

You pay for lessons, we add nothing at all to the ordinary rates of the teacher and you also don’t pay any kind of finder’s charge or agency charge.

5. How OFTEN will the lessons be?

We are very flexible on the frequency of the lessons. If you would like weekly singing classes or perhaps fortnightly tuition then we are able to help. Alternatively, you might want a more intensive course such as learning twice a week when you have your summer holiday or another short period, this can also be accommodated.

6. May we study in a GROUP?

Our voice tuition in Perth will be able to take care of groups, although only if you currently have all the group members. We don’t place students into pre-existing groups.

7. Can I buy a GIFT VOUCHER?

If you’re considering seeking out singing tutoring in Perth as a present for a person, the fewest number of lessons offered for gifts is 5.

8. Do you provide adult tutoring?

If you are an adult, looking to find vocal lessons in Perth for yourself, we’ve got you covered. Our teachers are expert in instructing adults.

9. Do you deliver tuition for KIDS?

Our teachers and music academies are experts in vocal classes for children. Since youngsters learn in a different way to adults, you should know that the coach you decide on has got experience in teaching kids’ vocal lessons in Perth.

10. Can I DO EXAMS with Stars & Catz?

Many students plan to complete grading through one or another of the top examination bodies.

We know exactly which boards our Perth music teachers prefer and will hold that in mind when we’re focusing on your enquiry for voice classes.

The most common examination boards which our teachers offer include: AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and ANZCA.

11. HOW MUCH will the tuition cost?

The fees differ depending on the specific music school or teacher we match you with. A guide range would be anywhere between $30 to $40 for half an hour and $50 to $70 for 60 minutes.

You’ll be able to restrict the cost as part of your criteria, and we can provide you an exact answer right after ending your search for singing tutoring in Perth. Therefore, in cases where cost may be a big issue and you are looking for an affordable tutor, just let us know your budget.

12. When are classes AVAILABLE?

To make life even easier for you, we turn this question around. When are you available? Brilliant, we’ll be certain that’s included in our key elements when we’re doing work on your voice tutoring in Perth search.

13. May I book a ONE-OFF LESSON?

Regrettably, we’re not able to do our cost-free matching process for vocal instruction in Perth for you if you purely desire the one session only.

14. Do you have tutors for ADVANCED students?

We receive loads of advanced and even professional musicians choosing our matching process to find the best suited vocal tuition in Perth for them.

We know which of our tutors have the capacity to take students to Diploma level and beyond and we also know the genres they are skilled in coupled with their practical experience as music artists.

More about our locations and instruments

At this time we offer free teacher matching for the following instruments: guitar, piano, singing, violin, flute, drums, bass guitar, viola, clarinet, trombone, cello, saxophone and trumpet. Here's some great information about singing.

Other featured pages in this area (alphabetically) are Armadale, Belmont, Bibra Lake, Booragoon, Canning Vale, Cannington, Claremont, Como, Fremantle, Hillarys, Leederville, Marmion, Morley, Nedlands, Osborne Park, Scarborough, Stirling, Subiaco, Victoria Park and West Perth plus there are many more.

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