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Why search for Perth violin teachers by using us?

1. FREE matching to the right violin tutor in Perth

Getting your Perth violin tuition away to the very best start is very important to us. Our team will put expert care and attention into selecting the right Perth violin tutor for you, based on the criteria that you provide.

2. Violin tuition customised for your needs

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to learn for exams with any of the foremost examination boards, or learn violin mainly for the personal satisfaction of it, your expert teacher is going to tailor your violin education to ensure you’re being taught anything that you’d like to.

3. We handle all the ringing around for you

You do not need to browse through countless violin tuition directory sites or wait around for teachers to reply to your voice messages. Simply leave it all up to Stars & Catz and we’ll go through our matching procedure and then advise you when we have found the tuition you are searching for. We can then have the tutor call you personally.

4. Really want home lessons? No trouble at all

If you have a music room at home and that’s where you’d like to have violin lessons, we’ll confine our search to include only peripatetic violin tutors to will come to you.

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network includes travelling violin tutors, as well as those who have created a studio of their own. All of the Perth violin tutors in our network are understanding, patient and knowledgeable, and the ones who travel are always in high demand.

(Note: on occasion, this high demand means that in-home lessons may not be available.)

5. Sneaky charges and hidden fees? They do not exist

There’s absolutely nothing more to pay apart from your violin tutoring. Zero fees—ever.

6. Lock-in agreements or commitments aren’t in our vocabulary

We promise no locking you in and no frightening contracts. There are plenty of those in this world already.

7. Quick results

Your expert tutor will help you to get the results you’re looking for easily and quickly, and make sure your Perth violin classes are loads of fun.

8. Learn the pieces that you have always wanted to perform

Exactly where did your drive first come from? That’s the ideal place to aim for, and your violin tuition would be aimed at attaining that.

9. Expand beyond sheet music

Just imagine having the capability to improvise, anywhere, anytime. Your Perth violin tuition will allow you to train your ear, extend your practical knowledge and build your confidence.

10. All the teachers in the Stars & Catz network are amazing at finding all those bad habits

Nip any problems in the bud with a real, live tutor who can spot any sneaky bad habits that may be emerging in your violin lessons. All the ‘how-to’ books or videos on the planet cannot compare with the dedicated attention of your experienced Perth violin teacher.

11. All levels are looked after

Whether you are looking for beginners, intermediate or advanced violin tutors we will be able to aid you.

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Read more about our service

1. Our standards of teaching

Some people might call us choosy. Others, pernickety (which is one of our best loved words, strangely enough). We don’t mind, to be honest, because what they’re saying is true.

We take the role of matching students with Perth violin teachers extremely seriously, and therefore we insist on a very top standard from every violin teacher we register into the Stars & Catz network.

2. We know our tutors

The fact is, we’re people people. You know, the kind of individuals who truly like people. Coupled with that, we’re passionate about everyone getting the best suited Perth violin tuition for their specific needs.

All this is terrific news for you, as it reveals that we know which Perth violin teachers will be suited to you and which teachers get in touch with regarding your violin classes first.

At Stars & Catz, we know exactly what musical genres and methods each teacher delivers in their Perth violin instruction, what kinds of music inspire them, along with a number of other curious subtleties about how they work.

3. We find out about you

Of course, because we’re people people, we make certain that we get to know you as well.

What music really gets you going? Which band or artist would you travel around the world to see? How frequently would you like your Perth violin lessons and would you prefer to learn for examinations or simply for fun?

All of these things, plus a lot more, will assist us in working out which teacher is a great match for you and your tuition requirements.

4. We follow up with you after your first lesson

So let the Perth violin lessons commence! Class No. 1 is quite like a little ‘getting to know you’ session between you and your teacher. It is, without doubt, highly exciting, as you decide together what standard you’d like to reach. From here on in, there’ll be no stopping you.

As part of the service, we’ll contact you after this first lesson so that we’re aware of how everything went. If you find that your initial Perth violin lesson is not what you had in mind, we’ll do our very best to solve any difficulties as fast as possible, so that you lose no time on your road to total violin God-status!

More information about Stars & Catz

1. How does Stars & Catz work?

Stars & Catz is a nationwide community of top quality tutors and music schools, supported by a small team of people who are experts in matching students with tutors. Our tutor matching service is at the core of what we do and the best part, for you, would be that it’s carried out for free.

It works in this way: you get in contact and inform us of what exactly you’re looking to find. For example, a classical violin course in Perth. Nice. That gives us somewhere to begin with. Next you tell us some more points, for example if you’d opt for studio room or home lessons (where possible) and when it is that you’re free.

We then carefully examine our network of top violin teachers servicing Perth, with the specifications in mind. You would like to learn violin and, hypothetically, you’re available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and ready to go to a nearby studio room. quipped with all this information, a staff member will go ahead and carry out our free teacher matching service.

If we’re able to find a violin teacher in Perth who matches your criteria, excellent. You start learning and simply spend on the actual tuition—no agency costs or commissions put in. If, for some reason, we were unable to match you with a teacher, know that our network will always be updating and growing so your violin teacher in Perth may be registering with us any day.

2. What’s the benefit to you?

Almost everything, really. At the least, you have a nice conversation with a totally delightful person who looks for violin teachers for your requirements, completely free. If we don’t happen to discover a teacher that suits your needs, you’ve had a really good experience and you haven’t shelled out a cent for that help. Alternatively, if we DO discover the tutor you’re hunting for, you begin the musical journey you’ve always dreamed of and you pay only for your violin coaching itself. No agency expenses, no commission, zilch.

So how do we get the proverbial ball rolling? Like this: you make contact with us and inform us of just what you’re searching for, e.g. classical violin lessons in Perth. Provide us with as much detail as is practical, such as whether you’d select home lessons or are happy to travel to a teacher’s studio. Make sure to tell us when you are available as well. Only then do we make use of our comprehensive network of violin tutors and look for an available teacher who meets your criteria. Effortless.

You’ve got nothing to lose! So pull out the stops, gather your highest musical aspirations, and let us assist you to put the ambitions into action!

3. Here’s why enquiring with us gives you more

At Stars & Catz, all you need do is ENQUIRE with us to get a great deal of fabulous stuff. That’s right, you don’t even have to be matched with a teacher. Any person who submits an enquiry with us for, say violin tutoring in Perth, will get the all-important links to the good stuff. Here they are:

Our suite of free music resources. This is a very helpful collection of tools for those who are studying violin. The resources feature everything from sheet music to metronomes. We also have music news blogs for people who wish to remain up to date with music headlines.

Our newsletter. The Stars & Catz Music Newsletter is a blast of goodness that will go to your inbox every so often. The newsletter keeps you informed with everything music-related we think you will find interesting, along with numerous reduced promotions and freebies. We’re always hunting for cheap prices to support your violin education and as soon as we find them, we pass them on to you.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Will searching via Stars & Catz take me to the IDEAL TEACHERS?

Stars & Catz isn’t actually an agency, it’s a network. We don’t receive a fee from the regular lesson payments you make to the tutor; the tutor will keep 100% of those payments. The end result of this is that we have the top tutors in our community.

The fact is that prospering, pro tutors wouldn’t be a part of a company which makes their money by taking 20 to 30 percent out of every single tuition payment a student makes. Why on Earth would they? Due to the fact we don’t arrange it that way, they will sign-up with us.

That’s the reason why attempting to find violin instruction in Perth through Stars & Catz can bring you to the finest professionals in the industry.

2. Do you cater for STYLE that I really want to master?

Whether you want to master classical violin or country violin or even Irish fiddle violin, we have tutors who will be able to accommodate your requirements. Just tell us the styles and genres that you are attracted to. Is it the Baroque period? Or do you prefer to look closely at an individual composer? We take all of that under consideration.

3. Do you carry out TEACHER SCREENING?

Not just anyone is able to register with the Stars & Catz Network.

We screen for experience and relevant certification such as Degrees or Diplomas. So you can be confident, when we’re handling your search for violin instruction in Perth we’re speaking with seasoned and proficient tutors exclusively.

4. Is it truly a COST FREE SERVICE?

In short, yes.

The special agreement we have with the private violin teachers and schools in our network allows us to work on your violin lessons in Perth enquiry without the need for invoicing you.

You pay for tuition, we add absolutely nothing on to the normal prices of the tutor and you don’t pay us any finder’s fee or agency charge.

5. How OFTEN will the lessons end up being?

We are extremely flexible around the frequency of classes. If you need weekly violin classes or fortnightly tutoring then we can help. Alternatively, you may want a much more intensive course like lessons twice a week while you have your summer holiday or another short period, this can also be accommodated.

6. May we learn in a GROUP?

Our violin instruction in Perth will cater to groups, but only if you presently have the group members. We don’t place students into pre-existing groups.

7. Can I buy a GIFT VOUCHER?

If you’re thinking of searching for violin instruction in Perth as a gift for someone, the fewest number of lessons available for gifts is 5.

8. What about tuition for ADULTS?

If you are an adult, hunting for violin tutoring in Perth for yourself, we have got you covered. Our professionals are expert in teaching adults.

9. Do you deliver lessons for YOUNGSTERS?

Our tutors and academies are experts in violin classes for children. Since kids learn in a different way to adults, you will need to know that the teacher you decide on has experience in teaching kids’ violin lessons in Perth.

10. Can I SIT EXAMS through Stars & Catz?

A good number of students would you like to undergo grading through one or another of the top examination bodies.

We know exactly which associations our Perth tutors prefer and will hold that in mind when we’re working with your enquiry for violin instruction.

The most typical assessment boards which our teachers offer include: AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and ANZCA.

11. HOW MUCH will the lessons be?

The fees differ based upon the individual school or tutor we match you with. A guide range will be anywhere around $30 to $40 for 30 mins and $50 to $70 for 1 hour.

You’ll be able to cap the price as part of your search criteria, and we’re able to provide you with an exact answer immediately after concluding your search for violin tuition in Perth. So, in cases where cost is going to be a big factor and you’re trying to find an affordable tutor, just let us know your budget.

12. What days and times are lessons AVAILABLE?

To make life even easier for you, we twist this question around. When are you free? Wonderful, we’ll make sure that’s required in our specifications when we’re working on your violin lessons in Perth search.

13. May I book a ONE-OFF LESSON?

Regrettably, we’re not able to do our cost-free matching process for violin instruction in Perth for you if you purely need one lesson only.

14. Do you have teachers for ADVANCED levels?

We get lots of advanced and not to mention pro musicians making use of our matching process to look for the most suitable violin tutoring in Perth for them.

We know which of our music teachers are able to take students to Diploma level and beyond and we know the genres they are skilled in combined with their working experience as artists.

15. Do you cater for SPECIAL NEEDS?

A fairly common question we get in regards to violin instruction in Perth is if we have got tutors who will provide for special needs and learning difficulties.

The answer is yes, although we’d have to have a discussion with our Perth teachers on a case by case basis.

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