About our free online metronome

Our online metronome is the perfect way to master the vital skill of playing in time. Anyone who’s tried to record to a click track or perform in an orchestra will tell you that keeping time is one of the most fundamental and important abilities for any musician.

This metronome has been designed to be mobile friendly, meaning your phone or tablet will now double as a metronome.

There are several great features of this metronome app:

1. You can set the BPN (beats per minute or tempo) using the up and down arrows.

2. By clicking the word ‘TAP’ at the tempo you desire, the metronome will change the BPM to match your tempo.

3. A bell sound will be played on the first beat of each bar, by clicking on the bell symbol you can switch this sound off.

4. The time signature of the metronome can be changed by clicking on the time signature (below the note symbol).

5. Finally, the most important feature of all… it can be switched on and off using the power button on the right edge.

Watch the video for a guide on how to use the metronome’s features.

Please note: this metronome uses the internal clock of the device you access it from. Some devices may not produce a 100% consistent response resulting in occasional beats falling slightly out of place. Our developers looked deeply into various ways to code a metronome and we decided that this was the best option. While some other versions were more stable, they did not work on all devices. We wanted you to be able to use our metronome on any device, anywhere and any time (pun intended) and with that in mind, this is the best internet metronome currently available.

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