Music Schools’ FAQs

First up, we’d like to tell you about the catch: There isn’t one.


We’re ‘cards on the table’ type of people, so we’ve gone ahead and answered the most commonly asked questions for you right here, up front:

Q. Would we have to pay Stars & Catz a registration fee, membership fees or ongoing commissions?
A. No. There are no registration fees, membership fees or ongoing commissions. How it works is that the student pays Stars & Catz for the first two lessons and the school teaches those in exchange for having received the new student. After that the student pays the school direct and the school keeps all the lesson fees from then on. If the student stops after just one lesson we’ll pay you for that lesson. If the student stops before lesson five, you’ll qualify for our ‘safety-net’ payment which means we’ll pay you one of the two lesson fees they paid to us.

Q. Does Stars & Catz fix the lesson prices?
A. No. We quote minimum rates on our website for the sole purpose of discouraging people searching for really cheap rates from contacting us. We will work with your rates.

Q. Does Stars & Catz have school premises?
A. No, Stars & Catz doesn’t have physical school premises. We’re a nationwide network of private teachers and schools who either travel to a student’s home or teach from their own premises.

Q. So, after the first two lessons, is the student ours?
A. Yes, and they’ll still be registered with Stars & Catz in order to retain access to any online facilities we have or may create in the future.


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