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More Oistrakh, More Shostakovich + MORE

Fortunately, David Oistrakh’s valuable collaborations with Shostakovich came at a moment able to capture their development in the studio and in the concert hall. In one case, it was even able to capture composer and performer on the phone – more on that later.The First Concerto is, perhaps unsur.... More »
classical music recital

'Jeux' people play: Classical music inspired by sports + MORE

When it comes to classical music inspired by sports, Debussy's famous "Jeux" is only the crack of the bat..... More »

Has Edmund Rubbra's time finally come? + MORE

Will the directive in today's government White Paper that the BBC must put "distinctive content" at its heart means less Mahler and more Rubbra at the BBC Proms?.... More »

Whispering or Yelling, Young Composers Tell It + MORE

  MATA Festival, Concerts I and V: “Curiouser and Curiouser” and “Incomparable Contrivances”: Curious Chamber Players (April 14), Talea Ensemble (April 18), The Kitchen, New York City. 14/18.4.2015 (BH) April 14 Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga: Jintili (2012) Tomi Räisänen: Sthe.... More »

Heft and excitement + MORE

About Alan Gilbert leaving the New York Philharmonic: Rightly or wrongly, he wasn’t perceived — at the very least by influential people in the orchestra field, and (from what I’ve heard) by many of the Philharmonic musicians — as someone with heft enough to be music director of such a big o.... More »

Sviatoslav Richter – a rare Soviet documentary

– www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc

Sviatoslav Richter – a rare Soviet documentaryThe great pianist made few concessions to the regime and was prevented from travelling abroad long after many of his friends were permitted.
This 1960s Gostelradio footage marks a rare collaboration with state media, after his world fame was established.

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All aboard!

– parterre.com

All aboard!On this day in 1961, Noël Coward‘s musical Sail Away opened at the Broadhurst Theater.

Born on this day in 1893 soprano Göta Ljungberg

Born on this day in 1894 soprano/mezzo-sorpano Margherita Grandi


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Rome Opera sacks 200 permanent members of orchestra and chorusManagement says outsourced musicians and singers will save millions of euros as economic crisis chokes state funding of artsRomes opera house has sacked nearly 200 members of its permanent orchestra and chorus as Italys worst economic crisis for decades chokes state spending on the arts.The operas internationally respected honorary director, Riccardo Muti, quit two weeks ago after a six-year tenure marked by infighting, strikes and financial problems…

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PARSIFAL: A DRAMA BY WAGNERRETOLD BY OLIVER HUCKELOliver Huckel’s poetic rendition in English of the libretto of Richard Wagner’s opera ‘Parsifal’. This book was originally published in 1903 by T.Y. Crowell & Co. The original illustrations by Franz Stassen as reproduced below – along with the opening of the poem…

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October: sounds from another world

– jessicamusic.blogspot.com

This is the Russian pianist Lev Oborin playing ‘October – Autumn Song’ from Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons, filmed in 1971. It’s mesmerisingly wonderful. Sounds – and images – from another world altogether…This remarkable piano cycle – still desperately underrated – was commissioned by the editor of a Russian magazine named Nuvellist: one piece was printed in each monthly issue through 1876…

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San Francisco Opera’s general director David Gockley — one of the most influential American impresarios, a commissioner of new operas, a technology innovator and smart businessman — will step down in July 2016, after his tenth season with the company. He will program an additional two seasons beyond his official departure, however, and promises some big events: a 2018 revival of the company’s acclaimed ‘Ring’ Cycle, by Richard Wagner, as well as the return of Russian soprano Anna Netrebko.

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Review: Unsuk Chin, Clarinet Concerto (NYP: Gilbert, Kriikku)Photo credit: Chris LeeAvery Fisher HallSeptember 30, 2014Unsuk Chin: Clarinet Concerto [NYP co-commission; first complete performances]Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 1Kari Kriikku (clarinet)New York Philharmonic
Alan Gilbert (conductor)(Caveat: I didn’t stay for the Mahler, so this write-up will be confined to the Chin…

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Mountain of debt means entire orchestra and chorus in Rome sacked amid warnings musicians could become “Italian equivalent of the miners under Thatcher”

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As you’re browsing the Internet this weekend, be sure to sample a new recording by Benjamin Grosvenor, listen to a birthday party for Maestro Stanislaw Skrowaczewski and discover a new Twin Cities-based vocal ensemble.

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Well, there won’t be any complaints about performing this one in English – or should that be American. Thank heavens Richard Jones has made Puccini’s spaghetti western an operatic-home-counties-free-zone and got his cast delivering Kelley Rourke’s translation with enough of a trans-Atlantic drawl to affect a colloquial tang…

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‘Find your lowest C’: Leonard Bernstein rehearses Rite of SpringSalzau, 1988: Leonard Bernstein rehearses Strawinsky’s The Rite of Spring with Schleswig-Holstein Orchestra.
‘The conductor must not only make his orchestra play – he must make them want to play. He must exalt them, lift them, start their adrenaline pouring, either by pleading or demanding or raging…

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David Gockley, one of the most innovative and adventurous leaders in the American opera world, will retire in July 2016.

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 Schubert and Rihm: Christian Gerhaher (baritone), Gerold Huber (piano), Chan Centre, Vancouver, BC. 28.9.2014 (GN) Schubert: Sehnsucht D.123 Hoffnung D.295 Wonne der Mehmut D.260 An den Mond D.296 Geheimes D.719 Rastlose Liebe D.138 Nachtgesang D.119 Schafers Klagelied D.121 Prometheus D.674 Mahomets Gesang D…

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