Radojkovic in Lower Hutt + MORE Sep 7th

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A Zemlinsky moment + MORE

The Escher Quartet, seen here playing the second movement of Zemlinsky's Third Quartet, will perform the composer's four quartets under the auspices of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center tomorrow night; the event will be streamed live. Of the four, the Second is particularly nota.... More »

A Babel of hope and possibility + MORE

The phrase is not mine but my bright young colleague Alexandra Coghlan's on The Arts Desk, penned about Berio's Sinfonia, which preceded a shattering but nuanced interpretation of Shostakovich's Fourth Symphony at Tuesday night's Prom. I choose to apply it to the superlative team which gave one of t.... More »

Masterly, Penetrating Schubert from the Takács Quartet + MORE

 Schubert: Takács Quartet [Edward Dusinberre & Károly Schranz (violins), Geraldine Walther (viola), András Féjer (cello)], Wigmore Hall London, 31. 1.2015 (CS) String Quartet Movement in C minor D.703 String Quartet in A Minor D.804 ‘Rosamunde’ String Quartet in D Minor D.810 ‘De.... More »
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Bill Doggett: Russell 'Thomas is the first Black Tenor to sing a Principal Tenor Role in recent years at San Francisco Opera' + MORE

Russell Thomaswww.russell-thomas.com Russell Thomas Photo credit: Bill Doggett Productions: signed insert and program by the three PrincipalsPRESS RELEASEOctober 1, 2014From: Bill Doggett ProductionsA critical moment in African American Opera history has occurred at San Francisco Oper.... More »

Anna Netrebko Triumphs Once Again As Anna Bolena + MORE

 Donizetti: Anna Bolena, Wiener Staatsoper Orchestra and Chorus, Andriy Yurkevich (conductor), Staatsoper, Vienna, 10.4.2015 (JMI) Cast: Anna Bolena: Anna Netrebko Percy: Celso Albelo Giovanna Seymour: Ekaterina Semenchuk Enrico VIII: Luca Pisaroni Smeton: Margarita Gritskova Lord Rochefort: Dan Pa.... More »

What Can I Say?

– oboeinsight.com

Probably nothing that wouldn’t be distracting … since I’m a woman. Sigh. Oh. But wait! I’m not a “cute girl”. Maybe I’m okay then? The principal conductor of the National Youth Orchestra and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic has provoked outrage by claiming that orchestras “react better when they have a man in front of them” […]

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A member of the musicians' negotiating committee said Friday that the Minnesota Orchestra's management would have had no incentive to talk under the so-called "play and talk" contract the musicians rejected Thursday. More from MPR News' <i>The Daily Circuit</i>.

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Originally released on vinyl by the India Navigation label in 1982, Nothin to Look at Just a Record was composer Phill Niblock's debut LP, and has become something of a holy grail among lovers of early Minimalism and drone. The two works on the album, A Trombone Piece and A Third Trombone, were included in the essential 2CD anthology A Young Person's Guide to Phill Niblock (or YPGPN), compiled by Blast First! and subsequently reissued on Niblock's XI Recordings…

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Music Review: Benjamin Britten Celebration at Trinity Wall StreetTrinity Wall Street’s music program begins a four-month festival to honor the composer’s centenary.    

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O blind item!

– parterre.com

O blind item!Ask not which soprano just canceled her only remaining opera gig for the year; ask whether the blue gown will fit her replacement.

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The Road to Hell

– irontongue.blogspot.com

In Minnesota, it isn’t paved with good intentions.Reports indicate that the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) has purged their mailing lists so that patrons who’ve objected to the lockout don’t receive certain emails. See Emily Hogstad and a commenter at Adaptistration.The MOA is determined to stay the course even if it costs them the opening of their renovated hall, the Carnegie Hall dates, and their music director…

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Radojkovic in Lower Hutt

– www.mvdaily.com

Howard Smith describes the Serbian pianist’s return to New Zealand

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Last Night of the Proms

– www.classical-music.com

Just one day to go before the biggest night in the classical calendar – but how much do you know about the Last Night of the Proms?

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Start quizJust one day to go before the biggest night in the classical calendar – but how much do you know about the Last Night of the Proms?

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How we made the Beethoven's 9th Symphony appIn the first of a new series, the digital brain behind this classical music app tells the story of its design, development and deliveryBeethoven’s 9th Symphony is one of the greatest works of art. It is vast, complicated and instantly recognised by people around the world. It’s Europe’s unofficial anthem, heralds the close of the year in Japan, and memorably celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall…

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Critic’s Notebook: TV Lets the All-Stars Play TogetherA PBS series of eight hourlong programs will display some of the nation’s top orchestra players performing as a unit.    

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