Still waiting on your first student?

This page may help.


Firstly, if we’ve called you with one or more potential students and those matches just didn’t work out—for example, the student wanted a Thursday, we thought you were available on Thursdays, but you had just recently filled up on that day—then we do ask you to please be patient. More students will come. The good news is that we’re constantly improving our marketing in order to reach a greater audience.

Second, if you’ve not even had an enquiry come your way, below are the main factors within your control that can stem the flow:


1. Limited availability – the more time slots you have available, the more chances you have of attracting students.

2. Only travelling to students and only within a small area – understandably, not everyone has a home studio from which to work. However, we find many students also have no private space at home where they could have a lesson. If you could create or find another space to teach from, your chances of attracting a student would also increase. The same goes for travelling area; the broader the area, the higher the chance of attracting students.

3. High rates – we may be promoting you to students unsuccessfully due to higher than average rates.

4. No child safety check – this cuts out a lot of enquiries from parents.

5. Limited lesson durations offered – if you only do 30-minute lessons, it cuts out students wanting 45 minutes or an hour.


If you feel you’re on track with all of the above, the reason we haven’t offered you enquiries yet is most likely because you’re in a low enquiry area of our network. Know that we are working every day to increase exposure in these areas and we have many things in the pipeline.

Also, the reason we don’t charge membership fees is specifically to look after teachers who are not getting student offers through us at any given time. We think fair is fair and we don’t want to charge you for a service we’re not yet providing in your area.