Join Our Teacher Network


Here’s why registering with us is a great idea


1. New students

Get new students without having to advertise—our marketing team will do that for you!

2. You set the pay rates

We work with your rates and payment terms which can be updated any time you wish. The only rates we quote on our website are minimums of $30 for half an hour, $40 for 45 minutes and $50 for an hour. This is done so students have a ball-park figure and know not to contact us if they’re looking for extremely cheap lessons.

3. Be paid by the student

Not by us.

4. No registration fees or ongoing commissions

What?! Yes—we have a unique ‘everyone-wins’ system designed by teachers, to look after teachers. Now, we’re not saying we do everything we do for free, but our arrangement is fresh and designed with teachers in mind. The main problem with this is that many teachers go into a state of mild shock when they realise that we genuinely don’t want to lock them in or take a chunk out of the ongoing lesson fees!

5. Choose your teaching location

Teach from your own studio, travel to your student’s homes or opt for a mix.

6. Teach in your own style

We know that you’re at your best when you’re teaching in your own natural way. We’d be mad to ask you to do anything else!

7. Set your own hours

Because our lessons are conducted in students’ homes or the teacher’s home/studio instead of a physical school building, our teachers enjoy a lot more flexibility. You’ll be the one who sets your regular lesson time-slots with your students and you can have as many or as few students as you wish. There’ll be no more waiting around twiddling your tuning pegs when you have a gap in your schedule or a cancellation!

8. Be as free as a bird!

We’re not interested in binding contracts or exclusive teaching agreements, so registering with us will not affect your other teaching activities in any way.

9. Be part of an international music teacher network

Moving interstate? No worries, just tell us where you’re going and we’ll find you students there… oh and don’t worry about your current students, we’ll make sure we line up another great teacher to look after them. Moving to the UK or Canada? No worries there either… Stars & Catz UK or Canada will get you sorted in no time.

10. More to come…

We can’t say too much but we have several other services and ideas in the pipeline that you’re going to love (and the students are going to go crazy for!) Stay tuned…



What Age Do You Have to Be To Teach for Stars & Catz?

Teachers must be at least 18 years of age and no more than 105
(because the two 106-year-olds we had were a real handful!)


Can music schools join the network?

Absolutely. More and more private music schools are joining our network every day.


Teacher Testimonials

“Roughly four and a half months after registering with Stars & Catz my spare week days were full with students. The hours I needed to fill were 2pm to 7pm on a Monday and a Thursday. I’m now earning well from private teaching, enough (with gigs) not to need another job. The extra students Stars & Catz sent to me have made the difference between being a full time teacher, or just part time. The best thing is that the rest of my week is clear to pursue other projects and passions, and my weekend evenings are free for gigs. Stars & Catz has helped me to create the working lifestyle that I’ve always wanted.”

Ewan Leigh (guitar teacher)


“I am a professional, gigging musician, as well as a private piano and cello teacher. I signed up with Stars & Catz when I needed a boost in my student numbers, but didn’t expect it to be much help. Almost immediately I started to receive calls from the guys at Stars & Catz HQ regarding new students and within a couple of months I had the extra day’s worth of teaching that I’d been looking for. I’ve found working with Stars & Catz to be easy and straightforward. It’s great to finally discover a company that genuinely supports private teachers.”

J Rampton (piano and cello teacher)


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