“Thanks for following up! My first lesson with David was fabulous. I was quite nervous, but he completely put me at ease and we laughed our way through the lesson. Not only did I have a lot of fun, I noticed improvements in my singing right away, which is outstanding. I feel really confident that I’m going to get exactly what I’m looking for out of the lessons. You offer a really great service, so thank you!”

Erin K (30 y.o.)

“I’ve had two lessons with Wallace so far and I have to say I’m impressed with how quickly I was linked with such a good tutor. He’s very friendly, and certainly experienced, and within minutes of the first class he’d figured out where I was as a musician and set a comfortable pace for my learning. The location is also incredibly convenient, and I plan on continuing with Wallace for the foreseeable future. So I really am grateful to you for helping me find him. Thank you.“


“The twins really enjoyed their first lesson and have started practicing already!
It is great that we can have a lesson in our home – really helps fit into our schedule (which was fairly tricky in the first place).
Thanks for putting us in touch with Jake. I have started recommending Stars and Catz to my family and friends.
Thanks again for a great service.“

Janine Carnell

“My two children 11 and 9 have both greatly benefited from lessons with our Stars and Catz teacher. The patience and thought that our teacher has put into lessons has been outstanding. Thanks for finding her for us.“

Anne Hollington

“My 10 year old daughter started lessons with a Stars & Catz singing teacher six months ago. She able to sing several songs after only a few lessons… and in key! We’re very happy and would recommend Stars & Catz to anyone.“

Kerry Redding

“I thought I was too old to start something new but my teacher has changed my whole way of thinking… to the point where I just want to play all the time. I can’t thank Stars & Catz enough.“

Adele Hosking (37 y.o.)

“It’s been so easy with Stars & Catz. The fact that our teacher comes to us makes it simple. My 10 year old son (Ben) and I get lessons together but we learn at our own pace and both of us have so much fun.“

Scott (39 y.o.)

“I like our guitar teacher teaching me because he makes it fun to learn guitar.“

Ben (10 y.o.)

“We’ve been overjoyed at our son’s progress with the teacher Stars & Catz found for us. After his first lesson we expected him to show us two chords and a strum—he played us two whole songs. But we were simply blown away three months later, when we watched him play rhythm guitar in his band’s first-ever ‘gig’, to a crowd of over 120 people!“

Paul and Emily Paskins, and Jake.